Nintendo's head of indie devs is stonewalled from speaking with indie developers

Nintendo's relationship with indie developers has always been a weird one and one developer shows just how weird it's gotten.

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AKR1661d ago

If you read the comments section; you will see that this has more to do with a journalist being sour about not getting to interview Dan, than it actually being a problem with Nintendo not communicating with other companies.

Considering the amount of indie developers that have constantly said how Nintendo was always generous to lend a helping hand when they got stuck trying to figure out the consoles; yeah - this is just a sensationalist news story that's blowing it WAY out of proportion.

sknygy1661d ago

^ This.

Dan is a very very busy man, but has always been a pleasure to work with. He's very enthusiastic about his role, and will always go out of his way to help developers.

sknygy1661d ago

"Nintendo’s policy of being inaccessible to indie developers is hurting them in the long run. Both Microsoft and Sony continue to have indie initiatives that sees these developers put on stage with them at events and given a piece of the spotlight to highlight their games."'s like they wrote the article three years ago. PMSL

randomass1711661d ago

@AKR bubble for being helpful. I was really saddened to read the headline and to get the basic gist of the article, but it was also confusing because as you said, indies really seem to like the way Nintendo operates, sooo... what the heck??

3-4-51661d ago

This person should be banned from Video game Journalism for no less than one year.

* How can these people get away with and have no consequence for their actions that could potentially lose people money or ruin a reputation ?

* Way too much entitlement amongst the Journalists in this world.

ChickeyCantor1661d ago

" keeping everyone in check, rather than letting innovation and new ideas lead"

What? How is that limiting your creativity?

randomass1711661d ago

Keeping everyone in check doesn't even specify what exactly what that means in conjunction to his followup statement. Setting up rules is common with indie game approval. Steam has it. Sony has it. Even Microsoft has it. That's common for e-stores.

3-4-51661d ago

Exactly, sounds like they are just being responsible & maintaining quality control if anything.

N4g_null1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

I've never had one problem with their team. They are even helping new comers!

What is weird is we are dealing with NDAs and tech that is not the norm. These guys need to talk with real indies rather than the press. Twitter is pretty much useless for talking about code and the info is already out there on most things.

We have the press complaining here not indies.

BoneBone1661d ago

You talk with other developers on Wario World forums.

N4g_null1660d ago

Nope you can just send a message to them directly.