Beautiful Watch_Dogs Screenshots Show Hacking; New Info Detail Stealing, Sex and More

Watch_Dogs is only about a month away, but there’s still a lot to reveal about Ubisoft’s upcoming open world hacking-centric game. Today Creative Director Jonathan Morin gave a few more pieces of information on the contents of the game and two new screenshots surfaced.

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gillri1638d ago

Great, more boners during a gaming session :/

cfc781638d ago

Sex sells just hope he isn't a horny dog humping everything in sight.

TheGamingArt1638d ago

You should read the article first. Someone asked if the main character could have sex and the response was no.

wonderfulmonkeyman1638d ago

Thank God for that.
I know sex sells, but some things just aren't needed in a video game like this.

trywizardo1638d ago

hack into a girl room to see her get naked :D
ill follow the hot NPCs to do this xD

psplova1638d ago

and I'll follow the fatties...

jhoward5851638d ago

Sounds like James bond to me. Hell, After all that killing I'm sure the man need a little boodie here and there.

KnightRobby1638d ago

Kind of nice how you can stack bank accounts and withdraw a large amount. Would be a pain in the ass to do it individually.

No sex? What about dem prostitutes we saw in Welcome to Chicago trailer? I guess they just virtual eye candies. Hoes. lol

Oh, the hilarity of gaming.

TheGrimReaper00111638d ago

Wow, half of those who commented didnt even bother clicking the link

The word "sex" in the title is used as click bait and it was just about the question if Aiden can have sex, which was no

In all honesty, I could care either way. Having sex in games is kinda cool the first time, but not nearly as fun as actually having sex or just playing the game

cfc781638d ago

I think most people read it i just think they were having a bit of fun with the title.

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The story is too old to be commented.