Top 6 Next Gen Graphically Impressive Games

A video which looks at the top 6 Xbox One and PS4 games that offer excellent visual elements.

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ShadesMoolah1636d ago

Infamous is visually the most impressive I agree, even though it's rather stale feeling like an aging last-gen game with super spruced up attention to detail.

XxExacutionerxX1636d ago

Ryse kills infamous in terms of ghapics becausr the Xbox One is better than the PS4.

cfc781636d ago

I think if anything's killing anything its you killing the English language.

georgeenoob1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Ryse is the best looking next-gen game, but when Gears of War comes out, nothing will match that game for at least 3 years just like Gears on the 360.

Visuals best in class are only on Xbox One. Halo 5, Gears, Ryse, Quantum Break will raise the bar in graphics.

Eonjay1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )


LOL chillout. Did you just see that video. Both systems have really great looking games. Great graphics are not exclusive to Xbox One. That would be a crime against reality.

MarcGorgees1636d ago Show
GarrusVakarian1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )


It's so obvious that you have only ever owned Xbox consoles. I used to think Halo and Gears were the best visually too....until i bought a PS3. People who don't own both consoles and haven't actually played these games for themselves shouldn't even be commenting here, lol.

The only thing, imo, Ryse has over other next-gen games is character models of the main characters. Overall though, The Order has the best graphics ive ever seen. I think that game and Uncharted 4 will hold the crown for a while (Uncharted usually does).

SpinalRemains1381636d ago


A 5 hour repetitive game with a resolution of 900p and frame rates in the teens?

Plz stop smoking crack. Its going to be your undoing.

truefan11636d ago

1. Ryse
2. Killzone single player
3. Infamous SS

Graphics alone Ryse looks the best.

@lukas you spew so much crap on this site I usually laugh at you because you feel like you are a n4g celebrity. "Overall all though The Order has the best graphics I've seen." Lol you haven't seen anything, they basically showed a 3 minute movie. By your logic Halo 5 has the best graphics I have seen and Gears well hold the crown in 2 years because they usually do.

BallsEye1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )


The Order? We hardly seen this game so why to even comment that it's best looking. Wait for the release, see the downgrades (almost every game in history has them before release, it's called optimization) and then we can talk. So far even not optimized version didn't really blow me away, looks good but has nothing new and the textures on walls were really blurry and flat. That may change still so let's not even mention it in comparisons, unless we compare it to other games that were not released.

BTW: Thats a wig driving a car in SS, LOL!

scott1821636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Definitely Infamous is the best looking artistically and is technically doing far more too. The most power intensive AA solution, far more polygons used per character, most particle effects, best draw distance with volumetric fog, 1080p etc...

My personal opinion is Ryse comes in second artistically, but Killzone runs better at 1080p. Which is most graphically intensive out of the two I am not sure, I am guessing Killzone is overall. Although Ryse uses a ton of great facial animations and a ton of polygons...

Bathyj1636d ago

Everytime I read something so dumb, I'm convinced whatever side the person who said it is on is the wrong one.

George, gears looked nice at the time, as long as you don't mind every single object looking like its made of the same shiny plastic, but Uncharted was the game to beat on console, and wasn't bettered until uncharted 2 or God of war 3.

DialgaMarine1636d ago

lol It's hilarious when kiddies try to compare Ryse to inFamous. inFamous is an open world title in a living, breathing, city, and the game runs at native 1080p at anywhere between 30 to 60 FPS, never once falling below 30 and constantly running smooth in it's most hectic moments. Ryse is a completely linear title that runs 900p, and can't even maintain 30 FPS is it's most calm moments, sometimes dipping as low as 15 FPS. That's pretty damn bad considering it was made by Crytek, a team that supposed to eb second to none in the graphics department. Pretty pathetic really. Plus if you compare the stills of inFamous that people have got from photo mode to stills of Ryse, inFamous actually demolishes just in how much attention to detail there is.

Ghost_Nappa1636d ago

I agree, I enjoyed playing as general Quickus Timius Eventous.

HammockGames1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Ryse: Son of PowerPoint?

I kid, I kid.

Though if we're talking about the most graphically impressive games, we shouldn't have to concede substandard framerates or dulled down resolution - both of which apply to Ryse.

Artistically Ryse gets a lot right, and the character models are quite good. It's a nice looking game.

But compared to the polished, pristine, and smooth visuals of Killzone and Infamous, Ryse just doesn't hold up.

Edit: Forgot Resogun - the particle effects alone make this a contender.

XStation1636d ago

If you're gonna defend the xbox, at least look good doing it....

GarrusVakarian1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Lmao, truefan1, i love how salty my opinions make you. We didn't see a 3 minute movie, we saw 3 minutes of IN-GAME graphics. No CG, no pre rendered cutscenes (unlike Ryse), it was all real-time, in-game graphics. So keep that downplaying nonsense going, if it makes you feel better.

I'm sorry that my opinion makes you so upset. I'm also sorry that The Order makes you so jealous and angry. But i can't help that.

"Graphics alone Ryse looks the best"

But you don't own a PS4, you have never played Infamous or Killzone. How are you possibly making these claims? I have played all three games and i own both consoles, i make my opinion based on first hands experiences of all 3 games i have listed, not from what i have seen in a Youtube video.

So far, i have yet to see graphics as good as this from games that have been released so far-

And don't even get me started on Killzone SF, the lighting and textures on that game are much better than Ryse's. The only thing people talk about when they brag about Ryse's graphics are the character models. When i played it, i couldn't get over how amazing Marius looked, i spent a little while with the camera turned on him to get a good look, but other individual elements of the game didn't impress me as much as the character models for the main characters did.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31636d ago

My question would be, why isn't the games on PS4 blowing XB1's games out of the water graphically? Ryse is still the benchmark and yet there is nothing that surpasses it on the PS4, and were 6 months into this gen. Any Sony fans care to explain?

frankied1011636d ago

I'm an xb1 fan and think this comment is stupid

DigitalRaptor1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

The fact that there are STILL delusional Xbox fanatics on here that think Ryse is the best looking next-gen game, when the only thing that it can claim is facial details and animations is LAUGHABLE.

There's a whole thread of direct-feed screenshots on NeoGaf that show how inFamous: Second Son outclasses Ryse in all but the 2 aforementioned regards. How does a high-fidelity open world game outclass a linear action game with limited gameplay, and run more smoothly? How does THAT happen, so early in the generation?

The delusion is truly laughable.

Yes I'm talking about you delusional peeps: georgeenoob, truefan1, BallsEye, WrAiTh Sp3cTr3.

Truefan1, you especially. Lucas_Japonicus is a balanced gamer with both consoles, and you are a bitter, jealous Xbot in a state of extreme denial. Calling him out as talking crap is not only ironic, but pretty much confirmed delusion.

ftrain1636d ago

I still find it hilarious when xbox fans think Ryse is the best looking next gen game. It never was, Killzone took that spot right from the get go and now InFamous has it. Comparisons have been done on websites like digitalfoundry. Ryse is the best looking xbox one game so far but not better than the best looking PS4 games. Stop being delusional and deal with it. Especially you WrAiTh Sp3cTr3, Ryse has never been the benchmark. It's a good looking linear game that has horrible performance. The console just can't compete with the better hardware. If it was made on PS4 it would have better FPS or higher resolution.

alexkoepp1636d ago

I own both consoles, Ryse is better looking than Killzone. I haven't played infamous but that game doesn't look as good as either of those games. It looks good for an OPEN WORLD game, but I'm not going to say since it is open world that gives it points on less visual fidelity. That's like saying an MMO has incredible graphics when none of them do.

assdan1636d ago

The ps4 version of every (yes every) game looks better than the xbox one version. It's clear you've never played infamous or killzone because both have better graphics. Infamous second son character models have more polygons than Ryse's do. So there goes the basically one thing ryse had over every game within a couple months. Ryse did nothing new with graphics, and nothing new with gameplay.

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LackTrue4K1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

the article/video is about visuals, and yet you try to bring something negative about it to InFamous.

"InFamous won for now!!!!!!!!"

spin your ideas in another article.

list should be like this

1. InFamous SS
2. Killzone (single player)
3. what ever bull5hit title XboxOne owners want....mabe Titian Fall (ON PC). lol...

UnbiasedOpinions1636d ago

Why do all have to argue? if your happy with the games that is available on your console of choice then you don't have to come here and argue your point to random people on the internet, seriously

BX811636d ago

In all honesty the more I play infamous it's not this graphical power house some make it out to be.

linkenski1636d ago

Ryse is the only game I've seen that truly looks "next-gen" in terms of visuals. Infamous is the first really good AAA game that's next-gen only though IMO.

GameDev11636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )


According to the video, Infamous is the best graphically which is true, Ryse has great models and pre-rendered scenes but the gameplay doesnt look as great, also its made by Crytek which you would expect to bring shiny graphics

As Infamous is open world and still able to do 1080p with great graphics compared to Ryse linear play with 900p, it shows Infamous beats Ryse by some points

Funny the video shows three visually great PS4 games made by Sony's first party studios and a better looking multiplatform and one game Ryse on Xbox which is made by a third party studio.

PS4 clearly beats the Xbox


Seeing as PS4 multiplatforms look better and Infamous beats ryse gameplay graphically, Id say your question needs more research

frankdrebin721636d ago

ii would say that Ryse being in the equation by all,..begs the question,..for a " much" weaker console,..and the ps4 being 50% more powrful on paper,..i have yet to see,..not count but visually see a 50% gap in graphical fidality.
to even have ryse in the this comparision shows that its up there,..and the xbox has just started as has ps.

GameDev11635d ago


Ryse is up there definitely but Ryse is up there not because of the Xbox One graphical power, its more of what Crytek does with the Cry engine, hence why i pointed out their third party status to Xbox

Anybody knows Crytek is a graphical power house and can make their game look great visually, i would have been shocked if Ryse looked bad using the Cry engine

Go and use the latest version of Cry engine, you can make great looking sceneries with it yourself

scott1821635d ago


It takes a powerful machine to not only make a game that looks good, but runs good too. Killzone was a graphical beast at launch, but another factor in machine power was that it ran well also. Infamous is the most imprssive game technically by far, but it also RUNS well...

So there are two factors that show power, visuals and performance, PS4 is proving to have enough power for both playable FPS(30+)and very power intensive graphics, without having to give up one for the other.

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assdan1636d ago

I really liked infamous second son a lot. And it's just a visual powerhouse. The reflections and lighting are possibly the best I've seen.
And, on another note, I feel that I'm obligated to mention this. In this list: 3 ps4 game, 2 3rd party, and 1 x1 exclusive...

BX811636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

@ shades
I agree, something about the city feels empty. I think it's the redundant character models and the fact you can't go in buildings like in grand theft.
Edit: don't get me wrong it's still a good looking game

tee_bag2421635d ago

I agree Infamous does look good but there isn't much else going on in the environment.
Pretty stale list so far.

Walker1635d ago

check this thread out,

infamous is the most graphically impresive game so far as a next gen title and it runs smoothly (over 30-40fps), 1080p native resolution and open world !

TheXgamerLive1635d ago

Ryse is still the most visually impressive game to date. I think when Halo 5 gets seen it will be #1. Itll have some DX12 and cloud support. Should be a beautiful and complex title.

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lifeisgamesok1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

1. Ryse
2. Quantum Break
3. Battlefield 4
4. The Division
5. UFC
6. Infamous (I personally think it looks cartoon-ish but I understand the hard work that goes into the soft-lit particles)

GarrusVakarian1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

1. Infamous SS
2. Killzone SF
3. Ryse

Opinions are fun.

HaydenJameSmith1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

I know right...

1. Ryse
2. Infamous
3. Killzone


well if we were

Yes I would agree the Order will give Ryse a run for its money and will probably end up looking better but both are very similar graphical games...

And for that matter I think Division will end up been better than all...

But Infamous is the most impressive game so far but not the best looking...

GarrusVakarian1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )


Awesome! Cool list bro.

But damn...if we are listing games that aren't out yet, i think The Order looks the best, by a huge margin.

imt5581636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

1.Infamous: SS
2. KZ: SF
3. Battlefield 4

@ Hayden

Ryse in the same class with The Order... :rolleyes:
You called me a Sony fanboy before. But look at you. You said that Ryse and The Order are similar.

Killzone and InFamous have the best graphics on next-gen consoles do date.

cfc781636d ago

1.Infamous SS,Ryse,Killzone

I think they all deserve to share top spot each game has parts that make it a deserved winner.

PeaSFor1636d ago

1. InFamous:SS
2. Killzone:SF
3. Flower
4. Journey
5. Ryse

(yep, a ps3 game look better than ryse.)

Obscure_Observer1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

@ Lukas

And yours change by alot, when it suits you.

No offense, but i'm pretty sure that last time i see you made a list it was like this:

The Order
Infamous SS

You talk about the fact of having 2 consoles gives you some kind of edge over people that dont own the 2 consoles, and whatch/see vídeos/scrrenshots on the net.

Still The Order is the consoles best looking game? Wait a minute. How can you tell? Internet only works for you? Seriously, i dont get it.

I'm sorry but this time i think Truefan has a point.

GarrusVakarian1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

@obsscure observer are you talking about?! That was never my list, if you can find the comment where i said that i will delete my account.

If you are going to call me out on something, at least get your damn facts straight. I would never put Ryse above Infamous SS in terms of graphics....because that's not my opinion, never has been. So, by saying " you change yours, alot" really mean "i think you may have said this one time, but im not sure, so i think you change your mind alot when it suits you" Smh.

"Still The Order is the consoles best looking game? Wait a minute. How can you tell? Internet only works for you? Seriously, i dont get it. " is up with you? Was you not here a couple of months ago when The Order was shown for the first time? Sure, it was only a few minutes, but the devs said everything that was shown was in-game, real-time, no CG and that cutscenes were completely in-game. There was more than enough footage for me to look at and think "that's the best looking game ive ever seen".

You have xbox fanboys saying that Quantum Break is one of the best looking games they have ever seen (lifeisgamnes above me listed it as number 2), despite seeing literally next to nothing on it, yet you aren't replying to him saying "how can you say that, you have seen nothing on it", why is that exactly?.

Then there's me, who has seen actual in-game, real-time graphics of The Order for more than a couple of minutes, but im not allowed to say that i think it's the best looking game ive ever seen? Give me a break. I'm sorry that The Order made you guys so damn jealous and salty, but blame the devs, not me.

Keep your patently false accusations to yourself unless you can back them up with evidence. You just end up embarrassing yourself.

Obscure_Observer1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )


Yes. I was wrong. Your previous list was about facial expressions/detail and NOT overal visual/graphics of games you listed. My mistake. I apologise. Sorry for that.

Now. I dont know why you had to bring Quantuum Breake into this?
You praise first hand experience and downplay youtube and the peoples opinions based on it.

Still, you made claims about the best looking game based on a COMPRESSED video footage from the same Youtube.

Maybe you actually have seen uncompressed full HD footage of the same video?

I think you've made some claims about what is "best" based on youtube rather than first hand experiences. Still seems to be valid in your case, and no so much when it comes from other peoples opinions.

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bunt-custardly1636d ago

Three of the games you've listed aren't even released yet so do these count considering the downgrades that happen from target renders?

InTheLab1636d ago

I think Ryse has the best character models but beyond that, it's obvious Crytek cut corners everywhere else. Look at decapitations and dismemberment. One little spurt of blood then nothing but a clean cut and bone.

As for BF4, nothing really wowed me. Just looks like more brown military crap.

I honestly think inFamous SS is the best looking game. Neon during the night is just crazy...

BattleN1636d ago

He forgot Mario Kart 8?

GribbleGrunger1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Infamous looks cartoonish? ... Infamous ... looks ... cartoonish? Wait, am I reading this right, Infamous looks cartoonish? Cartoonish?


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colt-of-tipton1636d ago

RYSE even though very linear just looks amazing.

DoubleM701636d ago

Yes it does. A few times I would just stop playing and watch how beautiful the game is.

trywizardo1636d ago

just the released games
second son
dead rising 3

cfc781636d ago

I totally loved DR3 but i doubt it belongs to this list.

tgunzz1636d ago

Hahah good sir, I would agree with that....

Unreal011636d ago

Haha Dead Rising. While you're at it you might as well throw Kinect Sports Rivals into that list.

1)Killzone SF
2)Infamous SS
3)Battlefield 4

kingliam31636d ago

Well at least we know which console you have XD

RaidensRising1636d ago

Some interesting choices although it's crazy to see support for the 900p Ryse when you would think it was the spawn of satan around these parts.