Why Is 'Dark Souls II' The 'Worst Game Ever Made?'

Forbes - My colleague Michael Thomsen doesn’t like Dark Souls, and he dislikes Dark Souls II even more, calling it “the worst game ever made.”

The reasons why are a little harder to parse out—in part because Thomsen’s dissection of the game does a pretty good job explaining why people like it so much.

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Axonometri1638d ago

I feel like I wasted a tiny piece of my life on this article. I would complain but instead of wasting my time on that, I think I'll just say, pointless.

Yes, I feel better! Now, on to real game news. :)

lelo1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I find it funny that people can't accept other's opinions. I "love" this mentality. /s
If a gamer doesn't like the game then he can't review the game nor expose his opinion of the game. Only people that love the game can review it... If that's so, then ALL games will average 10's in reviews.

As Dark/Demon Souls series, don't like them. I find they are repetitive (die, repeat, die, repeat, die, repeat... becomes boring), with crapie gameplay and an uninteresting story. That's my humble opinion. As for the people that like the game, enjoy.

sdozzo1637d ago

It's the extreme opinion that's lame. 'worst ever' c'mon no one believes your crap when you say that.

MWH1637d ago

a humble message to your humble opinion: PREPARE TO DIE!

nix1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

wow... not every game has to be a walk in the park.

Dark/Demon Souls series are made in such a way that you die because of YOUR mistakes. it doesn't have much of a story. Plot is to go from point A to B. You'll find stories scattered around and it's great if you can stitch it together. But what this game can give you in return is unmatched by most of the games on the shelves. The sense of triumph after you beat every boss or survive the section in a game is very addictive.

i think people love Soul series for those reasons no matter how repetitive it may seem to be. and how can you forget when you get invaded? But that's Souls series.

Hicken1637d ago

@lelo: I'm just gonna mark you as trolling. Why? Because you HAVE to be intentionally ignoring how much hyperbole this article is, just to promote or support this "opinion."

Based on sheer quality alone, the Souls games can't be the worst ever. Agreeing with that is ignorance.

And EVERY game is repetitive. I dare you to find one that isn't. Go ahead. If the gameplay is that bad, why didn't you mention the problems that should be glaring and easy for you to point out? Story is the one thing that can be addressed with personal opinion, but given the rest of how you've spoken of the game, why take you seriously here?

That's before getting into your similar comments elsewhere.

So I'll be marking you as trolling, as that's the only way your intentionally vague comment agreeing with an obviously obtuse article.

theDivision1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

For me dark souls 2 has become more repetitive (but I still have over 100 hours already so I did really enjoy it). I have been farming the same guy for 4 hours maybe for the mad warrior set and since this game has no directly online PVP (with any serious consequence) and the mad warrior set isn't ridiculously good it is rather annoying and something I never had to do in the original dark souls. This one did somethings better than it's predecessor and something worse.

My biggest complaint would be having to wait until NG+ or having to use an asethetic (sp?) in order to get certain items. I just want to be able to obtain everything on the first playthrough.

Baka-akaB1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

There is a huge difference between not liking something , and admitting it's not for yourself , and outright call it crap without evne much to support that . Something too many do in the press or around here

JasonKCK1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I agree with lelo, boring game. I think any Ninja Gaiden game is better. I know there are a lot of Dark Souls fans here, but I just didn't like it.

Crazy how lelo can't have an opinion without the threat of being removed for trolling by whining fans.

MysticStrummer1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I find it funny that so many people think their opinions are worthy of entire articles.

Your comment is ironic because Axonometri gave his opinion about this article and you responded by attacking his opinion and labeling it as intolerant.

In my opinion the Souls series is one of the best ever. Great gameplay, great atmosphere, and stories that aren't spoon fed to the player.

My thought at seeing the title of the article… "This is either click bait or the person hasn't played very many games… either way I won't be clicking."

@Jason - lelo can have an opinion, but maybe they should follow their own advice about letting others have theirs.

alexkoepp1637d ago

This game has a hardcore cult following that just love it. If you take the metactitic data of 92 and average it with the 5.6 user reviews, you get a 7.4 game, which is probably a fair score for it.

DragonKnight1637d ago

lelo I'm going to tell you the same thing I tell everyone who says "I find it funny that people can't accept other's opinions."

It isn't that people don't accept an opinion. Clearly Axonometri was willing to accept an opinion. It's when that opinion is so overwhelmingly stupid, wrong, or extreme that people call it out.

As for your opinion on Dark Souls/Demon's Souls, I'm calling it out. Why? Because you said this...

"crapie gameplay"

Firstly, it's actually spelled "crappy"

Secondly, the reason I call out your opinion with this example is because the Souls series is reknowned for its gameplay by fans and critics alike. So to have that kind of an opinion you either haven't played the game at all and are simply trying to troll, or you require games that hold your hand more.

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SilentNegotiator1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

An entire article about how some guy's friend doesn't like a game because it's too hard. What a stupid article.

Hellsvacancy1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

"its gameplay focused solely on killing things, the entire experience repetitive, cyclical"

Yet he would rather play Aliens: Colonial Marines

levian1637d ago

Isn't the point of literally 90% of all games to kill things? It doesn't mean that's literally ALL the game is about though. The exploration factor is huge. Finding out the story is awesome. And finding secrets. I'd argue that finding secrets and exploring as every bit as important and as fun as the combat

Farsendor11636d ago

tons of games are repetitive not sure why they had to pint that out.

KinjoTakemura1637d ago

An article that describes the typical, whiney, COD loving, casual gamer. Go play FEZ.

MeteorPanda1637d ago

hey l played fez and dark souls :<

why hating fez ???

MWH1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

FEZ is a nice looking game with a refreshing idea, but unfortunately the overall gameplay falls flat, it wasn't interesting enough.

I played nearly 50% of it then, disappointedly, I quit.

SilentNegotiator1637d ago

Of all of the "casual" games to attack, you chose Fez? WTF?

KinjoTakemura1637d ago

Hell. Should I have said go play SuperMotherLoad? Maybe Thief?

WillGuitarGuy1637d ago

What's up with Forbes and all their clickbait articles?

Angeljuice1637d ago

To be honest I think they use non-gamers to review games. Who else would declare Xbox 1 as the winner of the console reveals the day after the TV, TV, Sports, Sports TV bombshell (Forbes did).

ShowGun9011637d ago

This game is for the hardcorest of the Hardcore gamer... Having a non gaming website review it is silly. Would you have a gaming magazine review the newest, most top of the line fishing pole? "yep, it's a pole alright, and it's for fishing. Nothing new here". Fishermen would be up in arms. There's a reason there's specialist media. Although gaming media has been pretty piss poor lately...

oIITSBIIo1637d ago

Go and find something else to read .

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