5 Older Gen Games that Need Remakes

Richard of writes "There are some games that I absolutely fell in love with during my time as a gamer. Most of those series have gone on to continue in some way or another over the years, but others have kind of just faded away into obscurity. And to me, for those games to just have faded away, is simply a crime. They were some awesome games that definitely deserved to continue on. They had amazing gameplay, incredible graphics and stories that pulled you in and made you want to play them. While I know of at least a dozen games that I wish were still being made for today’s consoles (the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U), these next five games are the ones that I wish would make a comeback and show today’s gamers what they have been missing and allow older gamers like myself to relive some of the best games of our youth."

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