Face-Off: Dark Souls 2 PC

EG: "Such refinements help position the PC version as the definitive release, but none are more crucial than its ability to hit a stable 60fps. Coming from the sub-30fps playback on console, the PC release is a breath of fresh air when played on anything from a lower-end AMD HD 7790 to the high-flying Nvidia GTX 770. Optimisation across a range of GPUs is much more on-point this time, and the accuracy of controls when parrying, or cuing a timely defensive roll, makes the game much more satisfying in action."

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Letros1635d ago

PC is like butter smooth

LAWSON721634d ago

You got that right this game has ran perfectly at a steady 60 fps so far for me.

HollowedSoul141634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

damn you guys above me , Damn you all to hell :(. yeah not for me and i have gsync. the screen flickers constantly, and stutters when the franmerate drops to 58fps!!! :S randomly crashes every 20 mins. :( i guess a 6000 dollar pc isnt good enough. i have the worst luck with half assed pc ports seems like any game with 60fps cap always gives me grief :( funny thing is through all these crashes my gpu doesnt even pass 50% utilization and cpu only uses 2 of 4 cores at less than 50 %........

my pc specs :
Asus maximus vi formula motherboard
4.5ghz(could be 4.7 ) 4770k watercooled *360MM thick rad*
16gb g skill trident x 2400mhz memory
watercooled Evga gtx 780ti classy X2(only using 1 for obvious un optimized reasons.)
512gb Samsung 840 pro SSD
Evga supernova 1300G2 PSU
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

Allsystemgamer1634d ago

Somethig must be conflicting with it. It could be your nvidia software. And damn that beast is over kill lol

MWH1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

how can this be?! your specs are optimal. it has to be the OS or a software issue.

Hassassin1634d ago

It's obviously a gpu problem, try using another one (if you can borrow from somewhere). It could be CPU related but its less likely.
If anything a machine like yours should run this game @120fps all maxed.
My single 670 runs it perfectly even with some HBAO+ and SSGGAA 4x.

good luck

HollowedSoul141634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Didnt even mention that the processor is delidded with liquid pro...yeah i dunno fresh up to date drivers rolled back and the flickering in dark souls 2 got worse. crappy thing is i have a full custom water cooling system so its not like i can just swich out gpus without breaking down and draining plus re routing the whole system and my 360mm thick rad takes for ever to de bubble :( yeah i dont seems like with pc im just cursed ive literally reinstalled my os like 6 times. and reinstalling graphic drivers never works, i even got desperate and lowered my cpu oc and gave up on oc my gpus, and they still crash all the time. pretty much giving up on pc gaming. its kindve a joke. so many games i bought and i cant play them no matter what i do. not spending anymore time or effort trying to fix one game only to have the next game not work. and than what break apart my watercooling clean up my gpus put the stock coolers on them send them away only for evga to say there fine cause its not like their just going shell out 2 900 dollar replacement cards just like that. with pc gaming theres just way to many variables, is it the os is it the gpu software, is it hardware, is it an oc, is it pc never know. i thought good hardware was going to help me but it obviously made it worse, sli is a unsupported discouraged cant believe dark souls flickers and stutters at 58 fps.

also i enjoy the disagrees with my situation. im pretty sure its one of those comments you dont disagree or agree with unless its happened to you.

it has a 60fps cap no sli support and its beyond criminal to make an evga 780ti classy run at max 60fps with such minimum graphic settings. like above said minus the 60 fps cap i could run at 144 hz and then maybe my gpu wouldn't be such a bottle neck. theres absolutely zero reason for a pc game to have a 60fps cap, unless its a half assed console port. lazy console devs put fps caps on pc games. and i dont get why everybody thinks drivers up to date matters that much having updated drivers has never helped me.

MEsoJD1634d ago

This is far from a halfassed port. Runs perfect on my system. Make sure all of your drivers are up to date.

starchild1634d ago

I run it with downsampling and a few other enhancements at a rock solid 60fps on a GTX 770.

Hassassin1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Just don't bash PC as being the cause of bad luck. Having a Red ring of death or something similar on consoles was more common than PC not working.
I think that the reason of the disagree's.

Anyhow I hope you can get your system running ok. As I said above it seems a hardware related problem. If you're not willing to re-do your cooling system to try your gpu in another system you'll never know.

If you want an easier fix you could try to unlock DS2 fps cap. Try GeDoSaTo:

HollowedSoul141634d ago

i did that mod and it flickered more and crashed on me after 20 mins. so i dunno. whatever prob just buy it for ps3 i guess, should have did that in the first place. i knew it wasnt going to work on pc for me.not putting one more penny or effort into this supposedly ultimate gaming rig.

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