Appleton: Game Boy celebrates 25 years

The Fresno Bee's Rory Appleton takes a look back at the pioneer of hand-held video games.

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SimplyChalky1636d ago

I feel so old seeing this.

hiredhelp1636d ago

OLD gameboy Naaaa thats the 90s man try 80s non the less loved my gameboy non sto playing tetris mario.

Jonny5isalive1636d ago

I think the old game boy was the coolest video game device ever. Besides my 80s PC gameboy was my firs videogame platform. It is the best ever. Just looking at that picture of it makes me happy.

Skate-AK1635d ago

Played Tetris so much back in the day. It was the only game I had until Gameboy Color came out.