Sony Registers "Dark Chronicle" Trademark After Over a Decade of Limbo

Fans of classic JRPG may find a reason to hope for the return of one of the most relevant games in the genre today, as Sony registered the “Dark Chronicle” Trademark with the Japanese Patent Office.

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SynGamer1690d ago

Oh. Em. Gee.

If this is a Dark Cloud sequel....!!!>>!$(%((#@* @*$*%#@*


Seemingly good news :)

Shikoro1690d ago

If something comes out of this, I'm going to be crying pure tears of joy.

CyborgMonkee1690d ago

If this is a possible E3 announcement it would be HUGE. With Xbox touting a strong E3 game line-up I'm expecting Playstation to bring out the heavy artillery. Will we actually get to see much gameplay from both companies? That is an entirely different question.

randomass1711689d ago


You are most certainly speaking my language. This is why we need all the companies to succeed, it leads to great moves like this one. :)

UltimateMaster1689d ago

A mix of White Knight Chronicles and Dark Cloud?
It's the same game creator.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Yes!! They need stuff like this, cause like I've been saying their IP's are kinda lacking.

But can't be sure this is really a Dark Cloud sequel, but hopefully.

DeadlyFire1690d ago

They are not lacking. Their Ip's releases are just so far apart at the moment.

Tales RPG addict1689d ago

I'd also love for there to be Rogue Galaxy 2 as well.

BIB1689d ago

Thing is Sony has a TON of IP's they could easily resurrect from the PS1 era. Omega Boost from Polyphony Digital, Syphon Filter from SCE Bend Studio, and Twisted Metal are a few that come to mind.

fenome1689d ago

Please let this happen for real!!! Some of my all-time favorite games right here!!

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Sharius1690d ago

wow, that's shocking new

dark cloud HD will be glorious

MegaRay1690d ago

I never had the chance to play dark cloud (but played rouge galaxy "same dev right?") I hope they release an HD ver on the PS3/PS4

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HappyWithOneBubble1690d ago

Sony have so many classic games. Bring them all back.

DigitalRaptor1690d ago

Yes it's great.

I think this will be one where Sony hands it off to an indie developer or one of their smaller studios. Kinda like the Shadow of the Beast remake.

Blackcanary1690d ago

Nah they will just get Level 5 to do it since Level 5 is the studio that made Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2.

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