Watch Dogs Multiplayer features Decryption Mode and Free Roam

With just a month to go before release, Ubisoft has today revealed more information regarding the multiplayer mode of Watch Dogs.

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rattlesnake_9061638d ago

Nice. That would be amazing.

Cam9771638d ago

Freeroam ahaha?! I hope they flesh it out with side missions and mini games

randomass1711637d ago


Little overly cynical, don't you think? Being able to roam freely in a sandbox game is kind of a must. Look at what gamers find and accomplish in GTA.

pompombrum1638d ago

The MP looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. I just wished they made it properly into a free mode so you could create your own character instead of having a bunch of Aidens running all over the place in disguise, it will detract a little from the overall immersion but still can see myself spending a good amount of time enjoying it.

Billybobjoey1638d ago

From what i've heard,(I believe they talked about it briefly in the recent mp video) you can customize what you look like to other people, if that's a consolation.

Ashunderfire861638d ago

The other players don't see you as Aiden, they see you as another character in the city.

randomass1711637d ago

That's a pretty interesting way to go about it. Seeing dozens of other Aidens would be unsettling.

medman1638d ago

They confirmed you can customize the way your character looks to other players online. You will see yourself as Aiden, but others will see the character you created, and vice versa.

heisenberguk1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

They're all talk and no action with this game!! Show everyone what their pre ordered version's look like ffs!!!

medman1638d ago

Since all gameplay shown has been from the ps4 version, I'm curious as to which version you want to see. Is it the xbone version, or the 360, ps3, or pc?

heisenberguk1638d ago

Is it PS4 though? Or another platform's with the PS4's buttons mapped onto it?(like hinted at on twitter) I just don't like how they've handled this game info wise full stop! The more they've said(while not really saying anything) the more they've annoyed me!!

randomass1711637d ago

At the end of the day, what is most important is what you feel when you play the game. Granted PR can damage that feeling significantly, so I can't say I can't relate.

heisenberguk1637d ago

True, I just want the game to be as good as I hope it is, open world crime games are my favourite genre and this is my most anticipated game of the year but all the secrecy has worried me and wound me up!

Sheikh Yerbouti1638d ago

The helicopter mode seems real interesting. Of course they say tablets, but it seems like the PS4/Vita or even the Wii U would be perfect for it.

The idea of seamlessly enter into multiplayer makes the world 'bigger' in the sense it is more dynamic. That is something I always felt about MMO's. The same empty blocks and NPCs walking around can make a sandbox world pretty meh.

randomass1711637d ago

Here's hoping there's genuine effort put into all the versions of this game.

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