First North American Mario Kart 8 Pre-Order Bonus Surfaces At Target

With just a little over one month to go, the highly anticipated Wii U racing title Mario Kart 8 quickly approaches into full view. With that, Mario Kart 8 pre-order bonus offers are starting to surface on the Internet highway.

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Fanboyssuck271689d ago

Hope this bonus comes to the UK.

Ilovetheps41689d ago

I believe the UK does have keychains available as preorder bonuses. Check this link to see the keychains:

randomass1711689d ago

Hey, you folks in the UK are getting that blue shell trophy. That's the bonus I want. :P

Summons751689d ago I much rather preorder bonuses be physical rather than digital you'll be able to get anyway.

randomass1711689d ago

That's true, I suppose I can't bellyache too much in that sense.

randomass1711689d ago

That's a pretty nifty bonus, but I was really hoping NA would get the blue shell trophy. :(

TotalSynthesisX1689d ago

Yeah, that's what I was hoping for too. If they were going to release the limited edition here in NA, I think Nintendo would've already told us by this point. :(

randomass1711689d ago

Seems that way, yup. Oh well. I'll probably get the trophy on eBay or something.

pcz1689d ago

not very good. unless you are a child. and even then it wouldnt be very good.

why dont they push the boat out a bit? give us a soundtrack cd or a steelbook case. something that can be appreciated by people of all ages and something that would actually be cool to own..

AKR1689d ago

Mr. Negativity strikes again!

Wow; you must be fun at the parties.