Wolfenstein: The New Order - 25 Minutes Of New Gameplay Footage

Bethesda has shared the second TwitchTV stream for Wolfenstein: The New Order that is packed with 25 minutes of gameplay footage.

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corvusmd1636d ago

Good looking game, it wasn't originally on my radar, but I'll be picking this up.

Neoninja1636d ago

I said the same thing myself about this game a few weeks back. Really looking forward to it now.

ramiuk11635d ago

i wrote itoff myself but this and the other gameplay video have go me stoked for it.

1 thing i love about twitch etc is the way devs a rew using it to reveal stuff staight from mouth

Meltic1636d ago

Already seen too much of this so no buy but other :)

ic3fir31636d ago

50€ no multiplayer competitive or co-op for a fps? 12hours campaing offline? hmmm dont like this =/
child of light and watchdogs ftw =D

dcj05241635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Nah man think DOOM single-player. This'll bethe shit gameplay wise plus tons of replayability

Omran1635d ago

Bioshock Infinite have no multiplayer but still
one of the best games in 2013 :)

not every game needs multiplayer

DefenderOfDoom21635d ago

to ic3.. I can understand your comlpaint , But a lot of big budget teams are being cut back to make a profit. Example ;TITANFALL only had 90 developers working on game , thats why no SP campaign . another example INFAMOUS SS had no MP ,only 90 devs on that team . Hence, both games only need around 1 million copies sold to make a profit! Their are not many games that sell more than 2 to 3 million copies.

InMyOpinion1635d ago

I loved Wolfenstein for the 360/PS3 and this looks even better. Can't wait!

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The story is too old to be commented.