DSOGaming - Dark Souls 2 PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "All in all, Dark Souls 2 feels like most multi-platform titles. While it is not as bad as its predecessor, it’s not up to what Nixxes, Crytek, DICE and United Front Games have offered. And while there is a nice amount of graphical options to tweak, the game suffers from mouse acceleration side-effects. Furthermore, there are X360 button on-screen icons that are not explained at all in the main menu. Moreover, the PC version does not sport any major feature to justify Namco’s claims of it (a.k.a. the PC) being the lead platform. Dark Souls 2 is ‘functional’ from the get-go and once you figure out its control scheme, it can become really enjoyable. And while it is the definitive edition of Dark Souls 2, it's not up to what we hoped. Well, at least we can give kudos to FromSoftware for avoiding this year’s ‘Worst PC Optimized Title’ award."

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