Final Fantasy X Reminisce

The Observer: "My time with Final Fantasy X is on the brink. Soon I will tire of it and move on. My flame for FFX has been temporarily re-lit by its re-release, but I know the end is near. Looking back, I have spent a large portion of my life on a couch with the warm glow of FFX. My first memory of it was seeing it in gaming magazines, playing the demo of it, being hypnotized by the little numbers by the characters names in battle and thinking it was so cool that these numbers (Health Points) could go up as the game went on. I remember finally getting a copy for a hard earned (my parents bought it) $50 at Circuit City (those were the days). I remember the constant cycle as I grew, selling FFX when I no longer needed it, buying it again because there was nothing better. I remember that powerful feeling of finally getting to the game’s final scene (there are a lot of them), and becoming as emotional as an 11 year old can about the magnitude of what was happening on the tiny screen."

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