1000 PS3s at $1200 apiece--anyone buying?

So it's come to my attention that NovaDataCom is giving away 1000 60GB Sony PlayStation 3's at 12:01 Friday morning at a club called UltraBar in downtown Washington, D.C. It's through a promotion with Sony, so all 1,000 are guaranteed. I talked to a sales rep for NovaDataCom, who said he was looking at all 1,000 of them stacked on pallets. Only 100 will be physically there at the club, but that should be an impressive enough sight. The catch-they'll all be going for $1200 apiece.

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specialguest4446d ago

how did this company manage to purchase 1000 PS3s from Sony and set their own price? i thought only Japan was allowed to set their own price.

PS360PCROCKS4446d ago

Wow I sure hope this isn't sponsored by Sony, that's horrible...$1200 is really frickin rediculous for a game machine.

Ravenator5294446d ago

is that it's really the manufacturer's fault that this happens.

And you want to know something? They do it on purpose!

IMO, I think Sony probably had some real production issues and had lower numbers than what they really wanted to have.

But go back a year ago and M$ was somewhat in the same boat. Even though they had more consoles at launch, the demand way exceeded the availability.

The sole purpose of the console launch is to create a demand. If they short the product, the demand is created.

Look what it did for the PS2! While XBox's and Gamecubes were readily available.

Funky Town_TX4445d ago

If a blu-ray player is $1000. This is what Sony says.

gamer20084445d ago

and if you poor people had the money you would get one also. if your true gamers no matter how much a system cost you get one.

PS360PCROCKS4445d ago

ha no I like video games but I wouldn't spend twice the amount to get it, that's a rip-off and a sham