Have You Defeated These Dark Souls II Bosses?

Looking at victory stats (PS3) from Dark Souls II: Beyond The Bonfire, there are three bosses that have been bested considerably less than the rest. Not surprisingly, these bosses are all optional, so some players may not even know they exist. Be warned that we’re heading into serious spoiler territory, especially if you’re just picking up the game for the first time to play on PC.

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Hellsvacancy1637d ago

Vendrick? easiest boss in the game once you have the Giant Souls (which are not hard to get)

Ancient Dragon? yeah, pretty tough, after 50 attempts I got him, I learned it's MUCH easier doing it solo (and changing my characters stats around using a Soul Vessel)

DarkLurker? again not very tough if you can dodge its attacks

Donnywho1637d ago

Ancient dragon is pretty damn tough. Definitely solo like they^ said.

SolidDuck1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Ya vendrick and darklurker weren't that bad. I think I died once or twice before beating them. But that ancient dragon was rough. I died at least twenty to thirty times before beating it. I ended up beating it solo as well. It was easier that way cause u could control and predict his moves better that way. For me might of been the hardest boss in the soul series so far.

Master-H1637d ago

Those 3 are the hardest in the game imo.

Dark Lurker was the toughest for me on my pure melee build i hear he's pretty easy if you use pyromancy tho.

Vendrick was tougher than it was supposed to be because i only had 4 giant souls and i didn't know about the 5th, it wasn't tough per say but it required some patience.

The Ancient Dragon was a drag and i had to try it a bunch of times until i learned to go solo, leave a big part of my stamina bar filled when he's about to fly, and run for his tail every time, but it still required huge patience, and one error essentially means you're dead since he one shots me (even his stomp one shots me).