Five Franchises That Should Come to Vita

One of the writers at Middle of Nowhere Gaming decided to take a look what games might be good on the PS Vita. Do you agree? What games do you think belong on the Vita?

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porkChop1639d ago

Pretty good list. I absolutely agree with Fallout. Having a Fallout built from the ground up specifically for the Vita would be amazing. Touchscreen for VATS and the PipBoy, huge world to explore with lots of places to go/see, hundreds of hours of content. That's the kind of game the Vita really needs.

If Bethesda doesn't plan on bringing Fallout of Elder Scrolls to Vita then someone else really needs to come in and capitalize on that.

nope1111639d ago

It would be great, but unfortunately western devs seems to have no interest in the Vita.

stavrami-mk21638d ago

which is sad in one respect but also a bonus that i don't have to see a new fps released every two weeks for it :-)

dodgemoose1638d ago

Doesn't have a large enough userbase

CyborgMonkee1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

I think the most disappointing thing is the lack of support Sony has gave to the console. The 3DS went through the exact same phase were they didn't have many original games and were rightful criticised for it. Nintendo changed that by developing and publishing quality games themselves consistently which helped the system immensely.

I love my Vita, it is the best handheld in terms of hardware and has a lot of awesome games. However very few original titles and although Sony does produce quality games for the system (Gravity Rush, Killzone Mercenary) they are not spread out enough and barely marketed.

If Sony have any intentions of making Vita a success they will have to invest a lot more time and money into backing the system. With the early success of the PS4 which is maintaining momentum I can't see them shifting their focus.

CaptCalvin1638d ago

So now we have an FPS released for it maybe once a year if we're lucky.

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shivvy241638d ago

GTA Vita, infamous , Jak & Daxter , Far Cry and Gran Turismo ( surprised gt isnt on vita yet )

randomass1711638d ago

The problem is Vita is not performing well in the States in comparison to Japan. Last week it only sold about 2.4k units. :( So western devs probably don't feel like there are enough Vitas sold in NA to justify making games on it despite how high the attachment rate is. Sony needs to push the Vita in the west for western devs to get more involved.

porkChop1638d ago

There are more Vitas than Xbox Ones or Wii Us, yet those systems get a lot more games even though the Vita has a higher attach rate. Makes no sense to me. Western devs need to just give the Vita a chance and give it some games with fresh ideas.

3-4-51638d ago

* Suikoden
* Dragon Quest
* Tactics Ogre
* Wild Arms

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nope1111639d ago

Great List. I always wondered what that cancelled Resident Evil PSP game was going to be like.

randomass1711638d ago

At first I was going to reply saying it must have been pretty bad it was canned, but then I remembered that this was Capcom we were talking about. The same idiots that canned Mega Man Legends 3. :/

donwel1638d ago

I'd heard it became Revelations on 3DS but of course as with all rumours that may be completely wrong.

Iltapalanyymi1639d ago

Infamous would be perfect.

dodgemoose1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Well if this interview is anything to go by (look at his reaction), seems like Sucker Punch are working on a Vita title. Although, if we don't hear anything about it at E3, then I've got my doubts.

stavrami-mk21638d ago

everything should come to the vita .it's the KING

randomass1711638d ago

Well maybe not the bad games. I can live without Sonic 06 being on Vita. ;)

donwel1638d ago

"Sonic 06"
I really wish people would stop reminding me of that game.
I'd just gotten over my last bout of Sonic induced depression :(

Squall_231638d ago

Man.. my dream in vita, is new decent spin-off finalfantasy

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