How Darksiders II Clawed Its Way Off My Pile Of Shame

"I enjoyed the first Darksiders almost in spite of itself. Its take on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse was like a hesher’s fever dream, with hilariously buff and armored dudes fighting demons in a bombed-out wasteland. It was a great Zelda clone, though, in spite of its silliness. I was looking forward to the sequel, but a game-breaking glitch killed my progress a few hours in. And with that, another game got stacked onto the backlog. But unlike a lot of games on that stack, I actually circled back to it."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1689d ago

I still own and love DSII on my Wii U, and even without the full range of DLC I have to say that it was a worthwhile purchase.
That's just how good the game was, and it's more than I can say for a lot of other third party titles that lack their full range of DLC...

majiebeast1689d ago

Darksiders II was a bad game compared to 1, and the pc version was a complete mess. Still havent finished it doubt i ever will.

nope1111689d ago

"Darksiders ll was a bad game compared to 1"

Darksiders ll was a HUGE improvement over Darksiders 1, which was mediocre.

wonderfulmonkeyman1689d ago

You're going to have to qualify that statement with some reasons, and evidence to back it up, before I'll take you seriously.

majiebeast1689d ago

Level design was junk,game performance was abyssmal with low res textures and N64 shadows, combat system took a nose dive. The whole itemization didnt feel well designed. It feels like a game rushed to the market before the company went bankrupt. Most of my issues have to do with the pc version though.

Bimkoblerutso1689d ago

"Darksiders ll was a HUGE improvement over Darksiders 1, which was mediocre."

Darksiders II was an improvement over the first Darksiders...which was also a very good game.

DragonKnight1689d ago

I have to agree with majie, but not to the same degree. Darksiders 1 was categorically the better game all around, ESPECIALLY the combat system. Vigil had an opportunity to make Death more akin to Dante from DMC and passed on it. There is no dash button and I find that to be criminal. War is a better character in my opinion because they tell his story better. Death is supposed to be trying to save War, but it seems like he just ends being everyone's errand boy. This is Death, the personification of an end to life, the eldest of the 4 Horsemen and arguably the most powerful (I personally think War is more powerful, and base that on the first game and the comics, but I digress) and yet he's just doing errands for everyone just so they'll give him a sliver of information about what he wants to know.

The antagonist is awful. Hell, Samael was a better antagonist, and he was just used as a plot device.

Darksiders 2 is a great game, but I wouldn't call it an improvement over the first game by any means.

Hellsvacancy1689d ago

I didn't finish Darksiders 2 for the same reason, I did however like some things about it so it wasn't a total loss

Darksiders 2 had some good music, and I liked Michael Wincotts voice acting but overall I just couldn't play it anymore, got boring

wonderfulmonkeyman1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

The level design was just fine, the game's performance was not abysmal because the game ran at a smooth and consistent frame-rate and still looked great doing it, the combat system was fun yet simple, and the weapon customization aspect was one of the best parts of the game.

You're going to have to list reasons that have less to do with semantics and preferences and more with actual game-ruining aspects, like constantly glitching through the environment or cut-scenes not triggering or the game not saving properly, or something.
Oh, wait, there aren't any issues like that.
Guess that's that, then.

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fei-hung1689d ago

Loved Darksiders 1 and loved Darksiders 2 even more. I bought it during a PSN sale last year and just recently played through it again to get the platinum.

Loved the lore, characters, combat, platforming and puzzles so much, I hunted down the Premium collectors edition from somewhere in Europe and bought it. Easily the best collectors edition I have bought and unlike majority of collectors editions, this is the real deal; got myself a 520/13300 limited runs.

Hope Nordic dont screw this up and release a Darksiders 3. Need to know how this ends.

gpturbo811689d ago

one of my favorites on the console. tons of content.

DragonKnight1689d ago

"It was a great Zelda clone."

It wasn't a Zelda clone.

Anyway, I love the Darksiders series, and I hope Nordic Games will pass off development to a suitable studio that can do Darksiders 3 justice. The series deserves it because it's amazing.

nerdman671689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

It was like Zelda meets God of War and they have a child. Which was all kinds of awesomeness

DragonKnight1689d ago

Exactly. It had elements of Zelda, God of War, and even some RPG elements in it. It wasn't a clone of any game, it took the good aspects of other games or genres and incorporated them into one fantastic game.

Scrivlar1689d ago

Absolutely loved Darksiders. Absolutely hated Darksiders 2. Honestly don't know why I just thought it was boring and I expected Death to be cooler and more badass maybe?

Skate-AK1689d ago

Bought the game over a year ago but haven't started it yet. I have the platinum for Darksiders.

Ultr1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Darksiders 2 is amazing, just start it. Its one of the best games of the last generation!

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