Top 10 Worst Parts Of Awesome Games

"Sitting down to play a top-tier game is the highlight of being a gamer. Every year, a handful of elite titles shape the industry, and playing them gives us a glimpse of the future of gaming. But sometimes, these games also have elements that are better left in the past. In this list, we break down the top 10 ways even the best games can miss a beat. "

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Visiblemarc1635d ago

Mexico in RDR? Strike that from the list. RDR doesn't belong on this list .

Bhuahahaha1635d ago

worst part in any great games?

it has an ending booooee.i wanna play forevaaaa

TripC501635d ago

RC airplane mission from GTA SA.

brando0081635d ago

wtf I enjoyed mineral scanning in ME2 and didn't find Mexico in RDR bad at all

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