Airtight’s noir detective story Murdered: Soul Suspect plays the dead card with a vengeance

Square Enix’s Yosuke Shiokawa, director of Dissidia Final Fantasy, approached Airtight Games with his latest idea after a period of great consideration. It began when he was watching Die Hard and an unbidden muse struck. What if John McClane had died right at the start of the movie? What if he became a ghost? What if a character with such strong convictions had his problem-solving skills, or at least the ones involving bullets, ripped away? Shiokawa thought it was unlikely he would simply give up. McClane would somehow carry on, doing everything in his power to win the day. A story began forming itself in his mind, a Hollywood-style detective thriller driven not by violence but by making connections, a cerebral game with a driving narrative impetus. Shiokawa wanted a western developer to work on this with him. And so the idea was put to Airtight.

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