This Side Up: Is The Future of Uncharted In Jeopardy?

"This week on This Side Up, Stealthy Box discusses the latest news to hit Sony's PlayStation 4 as well as the hot button topic on multiple people jumping ship on Uncharted and what it could mean for the franchises future." - Steve Perry, Stealthy Box

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Gore-Content2097d ago

Was about to say that, haha.

Lightning Mr Bubbles2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

I don't care about Uncrapted 4

Playstation 4 needs to get some new IP's. They just don't have them.

The only one that has potential is The Last of Us, other than that, it's all stale their first party IP's blow. And third parties are all multi now.

Atleast XBOX still pays companies once in a while for games like Dead Rising 3. And they own the Gears IP now also, a game that probably would of gone multi.

calis2097d ago

You talk about the need for new IPs and then talk about Dead Rising 3 and Gears which has 4 games...

Makes sense.

Ank6662097d ago

So much freshness in IP's like Gears & Dead Rising
Compared to Uncharted & Infamous for the X symbol is it?!?

Lightning Mr Bubbles2097d ago

They need new IP's, because the ones they have suck!

I didn't say I hate sequels, I like sequels, I would love Final Fantasy 47 and GTA 53, because those are good IP's.

Playstation has crap first party IP's.

voodoochild3462097d ago

What in the world makes you think that gears will ever be good again? Was it the riflefest that gears 3 became after Quinn del hoyo decided to buff the retro and the hammerburst because no one was using his beloved retro lancer? Was it the fact that judgment had no content whatsoever actually launching with 4(LOL) multiplayer maps, half the cog characters of 3 despite not having locusts in multiplayer(a very stupid decision) or that you spawn with grenades like cod? Don't forget the idiotic mechanics such as the stim grenades and the fact that frag grenades act like plasma grenades in halo complete with aim assist(lol)! The gears series has progressively gotten worse with each iteration after 2. Gears is the ONLY reason I bought a 360 and I've a plenty of other people have given up on the series. It's time that you do also as to save you the inevitable disappointment.

colonel1792097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Sony has crappy first party IPs?

Dude, you are delusional (with all due respect). Sony's IPs are among the highest rated in the industry, right along with Nintendo's IPs. Xbox's IPs might sell millions, and many more than Playstation's, but they will never be as high rated as Sony's.

Uncharted won hundreds of awards, the same for The Last of Us.

Ratchet and Clank, God of War, Gran Turismo, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Heavy Rain, LittleBigPlanet and many more are among the best rated and praised in the industry.

Also, PS3 new IP's:

Eye of Judgment
Heavenly Sword
Heavy Rain
Unfinished Swan
Beyond: Two Souls
The Last of Us

I am sure I am forgetting some. What new Ip's were created FROM Microsoft for Xbox 360, not third parties? Even then, there are very few. Also, most of those new IP's created for Playstation 3, are higher rated than most of Xbox exclusives.

The PS4 is not even 1 year old. If Sony knows something, is to do great INNOVATIVE games.


CernaML2097d ago

PS exclusives suck
Xbox exclusives dont suck

Is it the branding that makes them suck? :(

Lightning Mr Bubbles2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

I just think the themes of some of those third party games are better. Maybe Gears of War does suck, I don't know. This is isn't about Gears of War.

In General I just think the Playstation brand has some pretty weak first party games.

But I had forget about some of those titles. LikeLittle Big Planet, Hope they make part 3, And if they made another Shadow of the Colossus or something like that, it would be cool to, but I doubt it. Motorstorm was kinda cool but only the first one, now it sucks and they won't make anymore. Resistance, it was just an average shooters, probably won't make anymore either. Gran Tursimo, same shit all the time and I don't even like racing games. Telling most of their IP's pretty much suck.

heisenberguk2097d ago

Yeah and just to show how little you care you've put the effort in to posting a comment!

MysticStrummer2097d ago

Your logic is funny.

PS4 needs new IPs, but XB1 is good because it has DR3 and a Gears sequel.

If the past is any indication, PS4 will have more new IPs and they'll be better received and reviewed.

Master-H2097d ago

PlaySation doesn't have crap first party titles, you have crap taste, or crap trolling skills.

medman2097d ago

Your own mother thinks you're a worthless loser, imagine how much less the rest of the world thinks of you.

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MysticStrummer2097d ago

The future of Uncharted will depend on the reception of the next title, not the departure of people whose work on that title may or may not have been completed before they left.

Inception2097d ago

Nay. Please, stop this drama. In gaming industry, people come and go. Some will be remembered as a legend / genius, some will be forgotten, and some new talent will rise and aimed for the top.

So, as long as the right people handle the franchise, which i'm sure ND have those people in their disposal, i'm positive Uncharted franchise will be okay.

colonel1792097d ago

I think that on the contrary, Uncharted was left in great hands. They'll most likely make a great game. It's their debut game on the PS4 and they'll probably want to impress everyone. After E3 all these articles are going to be more useless and will make no sense at all.

Conzul2097d ago

I know! I can't wait to see what Druckmann & co. have in stock for us!

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