The next Call of Duty won't be third-person

If there’s one thing Activision wouldn’t do with its massive, blockbuster series is alienate the people playing them.

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Robochobo2093d ago

In other news the grass happens to be green.

tylercolp2093d ago

That's a pretty good summation.

mikeslemonade2093d ago

If someone can refine Socom 2 then that would be the best current gen online shooter. So far no online game except nba 2k11 can get me addicted and play for months. Socom 2 I was on that for close to 2 years.

maddskull2093d ago

@mikeslemonade there is a game in making by the maker of socom called h-hour: worlds elite

LackTrue4K2093d ago

I wonder how 8th person view would be like??? Like a crowed street and it's a point of view from I person facing way?!?

They should link an article about that with COD too....

SageShinigami2093d ago

It's in response to another article I vaguely remember seeing last night trying to reason out why Sledgehammer's CoD would be third-person.

ginsunuva2093d ago

Actually, over here, the grass is brown and the sky is orange.

randomass1712093d ago

A primarily annually released first person shooter having a sequel that's in first person? Shocker.

TitanUp2092d ago

why would anyone think this game would go 3rd person?

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BattleReach2093d ago

Imagine life being 3rd Person.

Errefus2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Its all REAL

DoctorJones2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Nothing is real. Fear the man in the mask.

randomass1712093d ago

Life in third person could actually be pretty awesome if you can toggle. :P

dcj05242093d ago

Yeah toggle is key. It would suck for driving cars, can't see shit.

DoomeDx2093d ago

Stop being stupid. The next Call of Duty will without a doubt be 6th person. The dog-camera is in forth person.

This has already been confirmed by an insider.

randomass1712093d ago

No, no, tenth person is true next gen and CoD's gonna prove it! You'll see. >:(

Errefus2093d ago

It should be both, if i remember correctly some Tom Clancy games have both first and third person which i liked. They should give us both options.

MysticStrummer2093d ago

Yeah same here. Also, the game only comes out every damn year so couldn't one team make a third person version for the sake of variety?

elninels2093d ago

I would instantly buy a remastered rainbow six vegas for ps4 full price. For sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.