DICE has yet to fully fix Rubber Banding in Battlefield 4

Six months after the release of Battlefield 4, DICE is still fixing different issues plaguing the game.

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KimoNoir2099d ago

Ever since the release of the new "high performance servers", I haven't experienced rubber banding on any map. If you have experienced any rubberbanding, make sure your connection is alright.

cyclindk2099d ago

I have had, at most, one or two "jolts" thats it. Everything else is smooth for me

Azmatik2099d ago

I still experience lag and i even switched to a wired connection with DL speeds of 30mbps and UL of 10mbps (im located in canada). I guess some people are just lucky, although it is ALOT less than when the game first released. My biggest problem with the game is you do need a very solid connection to play and helicopters just seem to be broken, ive ran into lag issues when only flying in a helicopter. Overall its still a amazing game.

cyclindk2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

I retract my statement, i am now experiencing worse lag than i ever have before... Dam level... I firmly believe it has to do with having too few over capacity servers from EA being cheap, and now after the "upgrade" more people are trying to play and thus again over burdening the system...

ThatOneGuyThere2099d ago

dude, the Dam level never lags. something was up with that particular server or probably had too many users with bad connections. make sure you only connect to servers in your region.

Fiestabrian2099d ago

Ive had a few moments with abit of lag, nothing like the god awful naval strike maps. Ive played all dlc but naval strike since the new servers. Im glad half the battle is over now.

BEASELY2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

At first the supposed high performance servers ensured a steady, rubber bandless connection every round. However, after playing tonight (PS4) I see that the issues have come back.

I'm done.

Flotche2099d ago

Everythings fine now! Even naval strike maps are smooth! :).

GamerDad19872099d ago

I know. Thank GOD!!!! The naval maps have been unplayable since they released and now I can finally play them.

finito822099d ago

nevermind the rubber banding, im not getting that but that fact the ps3 version still freezes mid game random times having to hard reset my ps3 is a major reason i havnt played much.

KwietStorm2099d ago

Well that would happen even with BF3. Could easily just be the dated hardware and not being completely friendly with the engine.

Omegasyde2099d ago

Not to sound rude, but this game is best played on newer hardware(PC/PS4/Xbone). I suggest upgrading when you get the cash to do so.

candy_mafia2099d ago

Is this still an issue?

I just completed the story missions (PS4 Copy,) and after I'm done with Infamous SS' (replay being evil on expert) Platinum trophy, I totally wanna play BF4 mp.


KwietStorm2099d ago

It's playable now. That's about as much as I can say. I haven't had much rubberbanding for a while now, even before the new servers. I'm away this weekend, so I can't try it out, but this article is the first I've seen saying anything other than significant improvement.

And when someone asks you for ammo, drop ammo.

Omegasyde2099d ago

I spam the commarose "I need ammo" so #%@%@ often. When I play as support, and I hear it I'll drop the ammo immediately.

If they are near me, I'll even go to them.

ThatOneGuyThere2099d ago

same with health. and snipers, FREAKING MARK ARMOR. thanks,

someone who knows how to play

BaconBits2094d ago

Funny. Sometimes I have to run after people that need health - ask for it, and then run away!

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The story is too old to be commented.