Why I’m Getting Excited About The Crew

Thomas Ellis of Gamer Attitude tells you why he is dying to play on The Crew.

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D3ATH_DRIV3R_7772104d ago

I will admit, the always online scares me, but it's a MMO and have a internet service here in TENNESSEE that i'm very pleased with unlike that XFINITY internet garbage, not a day that went by, my connection drops during a race and a fight in TEKKEN 6 on my PS3, so got rid of it and got EPB fiber optics and very happy with it! can game on it with no problem, so playing THE CREW with it always online is all good. And i'll admit to this to, i was turned off by it having (gulp) microtransactions, but after learning that there will be no PAY-TO-WIN in this game, what? you did not know? yeah it's crazy that ppl have to pay $60 bucks and pay for parts to with real-world cash, but ppl will have to level up to use them just like the next player will if they're using in-game credits to buy them. So no PAY-TO-WIN, ppl still have to play by the rules, i'm thilled about it, so definitely adding this game to my list, along with other great titles this year. One thing about this though, how come the creative director did not include that ppl still have to level up to use them that they bought with real-world money? just don't understand!

danncampello2101d ago

FOr now, all Ive seen and heard about this game makes me want it even more. SO a full time MMO is something very unique for a car game, making this either a bad call or a genious move. Lets hope for the best