USA Weekly Chart Ending April 19, 2014

USA Hardware by Platform

Platform Weekly (change) Total
XOne 60,506 (+2%) 2,774,222
PS4 49,261 (-11%) 3,086,138
3DS 31,866 (+3%) 12,274,126
X360 18,870 (+7%) 42,764,600
WiiU 13,040 (+7%) 2,402,934
PS3 10,359 (+4%) 26,094,183
Wii 4,422 (+3%) 41,511,837
PSV 2,340 (-4%) 1,748,234
PSP 658 (-10%) 19,801,580

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FITgamer2099d ago

There will be no shortage of over-tracking for April. VGC also added additional Xbox One sales to last weeks numbers with update.

Global #

PS4- 127,884(-)
Xbox One- 92,460(+)

2099d ago
beereal3602099d ago

I live in the usa. That's the only thing that matters.

Eonjay2099d ago

Agreed. Its really hard to take these number seriously after January and March results. In January they had it neck and neck and Xbox One was massive over-tracked. In March they lost 60,000 PS4s so I really want to know if its just guesswork. What industry sources do they have?

NewMonday2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

people shouldn't bother commenting on the numbers because they are not true

VGChartz reported XB1 as the best seller every week in March but NPD proved PS4 was the true best seller by a big 60k margin.


they have no sources at all, VGChartz never gets quoted by any news outlet and they are banned from NeoGaf. site is a joke and should be banned

georgeenoob2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )


No they haven't. Nice try though.

Titanfall Domination.

Axios22099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

TitanFall #1 and #2

Talk about staying power

Even new releases can't touch them

BlackTar1872099d ago

Don't worry the xbox will lose this month too and the gap will get even smaller.

morganfell2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

This is absurd. Absolutely absurd vgchartz is allowed to publish articles even under the name rumor. At some point mods you need to do your job and disallow rumor articles when they are wrong time and again. A rumor needs at least a snowball's chance in hell of being right once in a blue moon.

The PS4 is outselling the X1 at the 4 largest US retailers this month (again) and by a far larger margin than they did in March.

Since the beginning of April the PS4 has had the top two spots locked at Gamestop (as in March). Instead of 4th as in March the X1 is at 5.

Currently at Amazon the nearest X1 is #35 and on it's way down the chart. Far different from the #11 it had in March. Over all for the month the X1 is at #24 meaning for the month it will end up below that number as well.

At Best Buy the X1 is running 3rd instead of 2nd like last month.

And at Walmart the X1 is 7th instead of 5th as it was last month. Yet vgchartz continues to shovel out its guestimated trash.

This idiocy vgchartz, is the reason you are banned from Gaf and that reason will once again be on display at the end of the month when you will have to revise your made up numbers... again.

AceBlazer132099d ago

VgChartz will have xbone beating ps4 every week and then when may rolls around and the official npd for april comes in PS$ will somehow outsell Xbone.

stay cheesy vgchartz.

Why o why2099d ago

Even if they had the ps4 on top like they have done occasionally, I don't see them as reputable. Tneir guestimates get readjusted too frequently. Ive seen many gamers and gaming sites get banned for less than what vg chartz has done since its inception. Ded

morganfell2099d ago

What vgchartz does every week is actually a form of astroturfing - a practice that is banned on every site except this one. They are by definition, a FUD site.

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Insomnia_842099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Try to find a PS Vita in stores. There's none in BestBuy over here in Brooklyn. I ended up ordering one on Amazon after I lost mine two weeks ago. They are clearing for the new sku model coming the first week of May.

KonsoruMasuta2099d ago

Vita just isn't well received in America for some reason.

It's really sad to see that. It's a great piece of hardware.

AKR2099d ago


With a lack of games; what do you expect? It's a great companion to the PS4 - but at the end of the day, how many people are going to WILLINGLY shell-out $200+ for an accessory, that's actually a handheld console, with a good game every blue moon?

Devs keep avoiding it; which is strange, considering the 3DS is less powerful. Same fiasco with the Wii U; under-selling = drip-feed of titles.

randomass1712099d ago


I love the Vita, but there is no supply excuse for these sales. It just isn't selling well in the US. Shame. :(

Prime1572099d ago

Akr... the attach rate of the vita being 9+ begs to differ that there are no games.

Jazz41082099d ago

The Vita actually is selling well in Japan just not in the US which is a shame as its quite a nice handheld. I think that will change soon as vita has a lot of games coming for it plus allows cross play with ps4 which is a neat feature. As far as the comment above you I dont think Vgchartz should be banned anymore than Neogaf. They both are full of crap most of the time and all Neogaf is good for is starting rumors on a supposed inside source. Vgchartz has a disclaimer and never claims to be accurate but they are close and they adjust there official numbers accordingly. So as far as a more factual sight that would be vgchartz; but I am not defending either of them. I really do not like any of them as they both seem to fuel fanboy wars and are full of people who claim to be something they are not in my opinion. As I always say enjoy gaming on your console of choice. Btw there is a supposed official article floating around on xbox reddit that is from Microsoft that must be from yesterdays report saying they are going to slow down on making xboxones as demand has caught up with supply and leaving them with a good amount of units in the channels. Its a badly written article with spelling errors but it looks official. If this is true Microsoft is going to fall further behind this next quarter in shipped units while they empty the channels. They also could hold some of this inventory for the new territories they are launching in if the units are compatible as I believe(correct me if I am wrong) the XboxOne is only in 13 countries right now, and considering its price Its not overall doing to bad. I do believe Microsoft needs to announce an official price cut at E3 and hit us with games and or be emptying the channels for a kinectless xboxone to release at a lower price point. This is really what Microsoft needs and if they listen to their fans, which most seem to love Kinect, they will however tell you its a great for navigation but it is useless for gaming. Microsoft please here your fans and release a unit at a 299 or 349 price without Kinect and match sony at 499 for the whole experience and launch in more territories do not wait a year. I know profit wise ms is fine and this may be why they are in no hurry but if they want to compete with sony for the living room these changes need to be made now if not yesterday. It still seems to me that Microsoft is really trying to turn this launch disaster around but they still do not seem like they are able to react quick enough and that was supposed to be a strong point of the New Microsoft going forward and you can bet your butt Sony has learned the hard way so Microsoft cant sit back and hope Sony makes a mistake as it most likley will not happen as they have seen and been through enough launches and have launched a excellent product in the Ps4 which I have and enjoy. Sorry for such a long comment and thanks for reading and I welcome your thoughts.

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GribbleGrunger2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

For the second week running (according to VGC) the X1 has outsold the PS4 in America ... This is getting ridiculous. Even with Titanfall bundled for FREE and a price drop, the X1 couldn't outsell the PS4 last month, so why the hell would it outsell it this month? They've even added sales to last weeks figures for the X1!

Every single month since launch VGC has undertracked the PS4 so one would have thought they'd start taking that into consideration ... but nope. My guess for the overall figures for the 15th April:

PS4: 7.3 million
X1: 4.2 million

@bleedsoe9mm: This is going to be a painful generation for you.

bleedsoe9mm2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

since we're guessing i'd guess , in the 13 markets where its head to head

ps4 : 5.6 million
xb1 : 4.7 million

@GribbleGrunger not painful for me my ps4 works just fine thanks

stuna12099d ago

He gets away with it because people let him get away with it! The fact that in the US the Xbox1 has been closing the sales gap even though it's been outsold by the PS4 since January is telling in itself.

Yet on any given week the Xbox1 has actually managed to outsell the PS4 the amount has been minimal, but yet the gap is consistantly shrinking.

GribbleGrunger2099d ago

Edit: I meant to put April 19th.

BlackTar1872099d ago


That's my huge problem. Every month PS4 wins the total sales yet every month according to VGchartz the xbox is closing the gap.

HOW WEIRD AND IMPOSSIBLE. makes zero sense whats so ever but whatever.

randomass1712099d ago

Maybe the amount of buyers fluctuated? Not saying it's accurate by any means. It IS VGChartz. All I'm saying is Xbox One outselling PS4 in its primary market for one month is not outside the realm of reality. Certainly doesn't mean PS4 is doing worse, I can tell you that much.

GribbleGrunger2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

I can't see that myself, sorry. Last month MS had the most hyped game and a price drop and still lost in America. After a spike there is always a fall but here we have an increase. Let's look at it a different way. Every single NPD has been in line with Amazon sales:

XB1 won Sep:

PS4 won Jan:

PS4 won Feb:

PS4 won March:

Pretty accurate don't you think?

PS4 Week ending April 7th:

PS4 Week ending April 14th:

PS4 week ending April 21st:

Jazz41082099d ago

Please no offense but you seem to take this console thing a little to serious. It seems there is a lot pent up aggression and that is not healthy. It is what it is and however the numbers shake out they do but taking it so personally is not a good road to go down.

GribbleGrunger2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

@Jazz4108: Are you saying that I'm taking it too seriously because I'm pointing out they're wrong? I'm a member of the forums over at VGC and I can tell you that 80% of posters over their are having exactly the same discussion. None of them are angry or taking it too seriously, they're just interested in this aspect of consoles.

You do know that MS just announced a slowing down of production? If they were selling more why in the hell would they slow production? Think about it.

T22099d ago

you are absolutely right, and MS themselves have confirmed a draw down on inventory, which means they are overstocked yet they are beating PS4 every week in LOLCHartz??
this site needs to be downvoted into oblivion, it has gone well past its expiry date.
If they couldn't win with titanfall in march in the USA, they aren't winning the months with no exclusives, which is about 5-6 more.....

mediate-this2099d ago


What are you crying about? Npd fixes all mistakes, week in n out we know vg is not the definitive so why does this surprise you?

GribbleGrunger2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )


"What are you crying about?"

This is why discussion is almost impossible on this site and why I now post very rarely. Someone always has to 'label' your response in a derogative way.

For better or for worse, I've always used VGC for a reference point. It would be remiss of me to automatically change my view just because it doesn't suit my opinion; however, when they clearly get the numbers completely wrong, I'm going to do what all sensible people do and question them.

Knushwood Butt2099d ago

Still, can you imagine the guy's expression when his hand is forced to change the figures to align with NPD?

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Thatguy-3102099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Funny how in most of the weekly sales for the US that is reported by vgcharts the xbox one is over the ps4 with a couple of thousands and then when the monthly sales are reported by NPD once again the PS4 is on top. Can they lie much?

Lightning Mr Bubbles2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Not sure why I said that, I just thought it sounded funny. But anyway...

These numbers might not be true because VG chartz also had XBOX one winning last month, and when the NPD came out, it wasn't true.

But the XBOX brand is usually more popular in the USA compared to Europe or Asia.

jahcure2099d ago

So xbox one with increased price (back to $499.99) and no titanfall launch bump, is doing better than reduced priced xbox one and free titanfall?????

Titanfall is the xbox one sales blocker?

this makes zero sense. BTW, didn't vgchartz have the xbox one outselling the PS4 in the USA in march?

3-4-52099d ago

* Mario Golf & Kirby releasing May 2nd, will boost the 3DS sales.

* Borderlands 2 will help Vita sales in crease, it releases May 6th.

* Wii U is getting Mario Kart 8, May 30th, so that will help boost sales significantly.

* PS4 - MLB The Show 14 releases May 6th, this will boost sales a decent amount, along with Watch Dogs

* XB1 - Watch Dogs

Basically All these numbers should increase from here on out as May is a good gaming month and June = E3.

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DJustinUNCHAIND2099d ago ShowReplies(1)
Bonkerz2099d ago

Xbox One catching up. Great to see, seems like all the positive news is definitely catching attention. Keep it up MS, it has been all great since launch of X1!

Ju2099d ago

It caught up all March (according to VGChartz) and we know how that actually ended....

KinjoTakemura2099d ago


"Xbox One catching up. Great to see, seems like all the positive news is definitely catching attention. Keep it up MS, it has been all great since launch of X1!"

Is that the reason why that every time you go into a target, walmart, bestbuy, or gamestop they only have a few ps4 bundles left and they have stacks of xbox1's ready to go because xbox1 is catching up? LOL Walk into a mall and see who's machines are just sitting there.

corvusmd2099d ago

Nice to see things getting more competitive.

MysticStrummer2099d ago

Close race in the US, as expected.