How Silicon Knights Conquered What Nintendo Feared

The sixth generation was a time of reformation for the game industry. With three major consoles instead of two and lots of fresh new IP’s bursting from new studios, the market was reaching a new level of diversity. Despite Sony and Microsoft’s interest in the more mature markets, Nintendo and their Gamecube console rotated many of the same gears the company was turning during the Nintendo 64 days. Their games were excellent, but with the mature market becoming steadily more important, it was becoming a missed opportunity. Nintendo didn’t focus much of their internal energy on that market, but despite that, they skillfully added a second-party developer during the N64 era, a developer that turned the Gamecube’s library on its head and went where Nintendo themselves wouldn’t dare tread. That development house was the late Silicon Knights.

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Neonridr2100d ago

I really wish that Nintendo would have jumped in and helped out on the development of that Shadows of the Eternals game. Regardless of Dyack's involvment, the game still looked very promising. And with the Wii U lacking extra games at the moment, every title would be a boost to their library and console.

BlackWolf2100d ago

Call me a hopeless dreamer, but I'm still expecting that to happen. Dennis Dyack in or not, the game looked fantastic, and it's due time to continue with the series.

I hope to the project resuscitates at some point. It looks quite promising.

randomass1712099d ago

Yeah that definitely was a shame. Dennis Dyack is a small issue in my book. It's a new team of new developers who, based on what we saw of that game, are very imaginative and talented people. Hopefully they can get some funding for that game.

jc485732099d ago

Maybe Nintendo is expecting Dyack to just fall off....because he is becoming a nuisance.

ValKilmer2100d ago

Twin Snakes is perhaps the best remake of all time.

randomass1712099d ago

I liked Twin Snakes a lot, but nothing beats the original.

Baccra172099d ago

Except for that remake of the tank scene where they had snake looking dumb instead of flipping back from it like a boss, TS was awesome.

mii-gamer2099d ago

I suspect Nintendo's influence was a significant factor in ED's and Twin's Snake quality. The directionlessness of the studio during the Too Human development and thereafter kinda proves my point.

ShowGun9012099d ago

I really wish someone would buy the rights to make another Eternal Darkness... Fantastic game, with a stellar story (not to mention re-visiting the locales century after century was an eye opener!). Loved every minute of it.

jc485732099d ago

I doubt Nintendo would let that happen.

Skate-AK2099d ago

Eternal Darkness is one if my favorite games of all time.