Rift Wars Dev: 'VR is the future of gaming'

VRFocus - The forthcoming Rift Wars has been championed by the Oculus Rift core audience for some time. It’s a linear shooter that follows the design loop of Starfox while being set in a universe with visuals not too dissimilar to that of Geometry Wars. Developer James Andrew, founder of Pixel Router VR, readily admits these influences, suggesting that the transition from standard monitors to virtual reality (VR) is important for all genres.

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micx2270d ago

It's definately an interesting concept.

CyborgMonkee2270d ago

Agreed, I think it will be a fantastic addition to gaming. In fact it will be a great way to experience media in general, however I don't think it will take over traditional means of gaming/watching films anytime soon. There is nothing like watching a film with a few friends (in the same space) or even gaming to a lesser extent.

2270d ago
starchild2270d ago

VR gaming and traditional gaming will co-exist. But I believe VR gaming is going to have an absolutely MASSIVE impact and be a big part of the future of gaming.

jdaboss2270d ago

yawn.. Wasnt mobile the future of VG a few years ago?

mixelon2270d ago

Well its proven to be a massive part of it. If VR does even a tenth as well as mobile, Oculus and Sony will be very happy!

KingOfArcadia2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

While the whole VR thing seems cool, I suspect it'll go over about as well as 3D TV.

starchild2270d ago

Having actually used the Rift I suspect you are wrong. We'll see, but I strongly believe that VR is going to be huge.

Activemessiah2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

no, 4K resolution and 200fps are the future... not some goggles that I'll end up strapping to my dog whenever he wants to go out.

mixelon2270d ago

Those aren't changes that'd offer all that much difference to most people though. They'd also need obscenely powerful (expensive) tech.

Activemessiah2270d ago

What's expensive now will be affordable for all.

LightDiego2270d ago

Who is this guy again? Nothing important!

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