Oddworld: New and Tasty Pricing Revealed. Cross Buy/Cross Save on PlayStation

OddWorld Inhbitants have confirmed how much Oddworld New and tasty will be on PLayStation platforms and will feature cross buy and cross save.

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ThatEnglishDude2096d ago

$30 is a bit steep. I was expecting $15-$20. :/

Still, Oddworld is one of my all time favourite series, so....

SaintAlpha1012096d ago

Well, you're getting the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita versions of the game no matter which version you buy thanks to cross-play.
So three versions of a game for $30 is pretty good, especially seeing how the game is $30, buying the three separately would be $90.

It'll probably be cheaper on PC and Wii-U when it releases for those systems, as there's no cross-buy.

MasterCornholio2096d ago

It will be cheaper on PC. But i think the Wii U version will cost the same though.

ThatEnglishDude2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )


I see what you're saying, but in all honesty - how many of us will be paying for 3 different versions of the same game? I don't think cross-buy is a big enough incentive for most. I'm sure most people will only be playing on one system. Therefore, the reason for cross-buy being a contributing factor in a price raise seems slightly unfair. I LOVE the Oddworld series and have been playing the series since my childhood. It's not a BIG deal, I just expected a bit cheaper is all. I can bitch and moan all I want - I know I'm still going to pick it up.

NukaCola2096d ago

This is a fully remade game not just a polished port. $30 is well worth experiencing one of the most amazing games ever made. Hope this revives Exoddus next!

randomass1712096d ago

To be fair, it's a full remake of a retail game. Many of the standalone remakes and remasters out there are priced much higher than this game. And as SaintAlpha said, buying the Playstation version nets you the game across three different platforms. :)

Godchild10202096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

I won't be surprised if its cheaper on the other consoles. It doesn't matter to me either; for 30 dollars, 3 copies, 10 dollars a piece. Or 15 a piece if you own 2 of the 3 Sony consoles.

randomass1712095d ago

I might double dip myself. I want to save $60 to have it on PS3, PS4, PSV and Wii U. Oddworld deserves the support.

wheresmymonkey2096d ago

I think it's worth £20. Its a full remake and a rather spiffy one at that.

badboy7762096d ago

What are you getting for $30?

WeAreLegion2096d ago

You get the Shticky.

And RIGHT NOW...when you order the Shticky, you get the Little Shticky! Great for "on-the-go"!

You're gonna like the Little Shticky, but you're gonna love the Big Shticky. Use it on your pets. The hair in your carpet. It gets the stuff your vacuum won't.

You get the Shticky and the Little Shticky for $29.95, but if ya call now (because we can't do this all day), you're gonna get the Big Shticky absolutely FREE! Just pay for processing.

randomass1712096d ago

A remake of one of the finest and most unique games ever. Bang for your buck, dude. ;)

MegaRay2096d ago

I will buy it even if its $60+, I mean ITS ODDWORLD!

randomass1712095d ago

This is what I was going to say. $30 for a remake of this game? Definitely a great deal.

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