PS4 vs. Xbox One: Which Exclusive Titles Will Score Higher?

The exclusive software battle is a critical element of the hardware war. Which system will deliver the highest-scoring exclusive games this generation?

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ScareFactor2103d ago

I agree this article should a be full of Sony clowns

georgeenoob2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

If the present is indication where things are going, then Xbox obviously.

Titanfall is the highest scoring game so far this gen. Here's the list:

Knack: 57
Killzone: 73
Infamous: 80

Titanfall: 87
Killer Instinct: 73
Forza 5: 82
DR3: 78
Ryse: 61

X1 has quantity and quality, right now and in the future.

PS4 only has The Order, Driveclub, Uncharted 4, everything else is just indies or f2p. X1 has Gears, Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, project Spark, Fable Legends, D4, Crackdown 3.

alexkoepp2103d ago

Who cares, scores are just peoples opinions put in number form.

As to who is going to have the better exclusives, that has yet to be seen. Besides the obvious sequels we haven't seen a whole lot of new exclusives yet, e3 should be great.

Silly gameAr2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

It will be full of clowns alright...

Lilrizky2103d ago

To @georgeenoob

If you can see where the industry is going. F2P and indies will be king. Microsoft already knows this, so you can't just discredit exclusive content because it's indie. So you can add resogun, transistor and rime to the list. Below looks amazing, so as an Xbox fan you should be considering that.

Yes Xbone has a lot of games coming out. I think Quantum Break will score really well. We'll see about sunset overdrive because honestly, Insomniac's last 2 games weren't that good. But you talk about Gears as if it's coming soon. Don't expect that to come out for at least a couple years. Crackdown 3 isn't even confirmed. PS4 also has last of us.

Skips2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )


Titanfall has an 86. -_- Nice try though.

Final Fantasy XIV: 86 (Also on PC, PS3)
Resogun: 84 (Downloadable)
Infamous Second Son: 80
Killzone Shadowfall: 73
Knack: 57

Titanfall: 86 (Also on PC, X360)
Forza 5: 82
Killer Instinct: 73 (Downloadable)
DR3: 78
Ryse: 61

"X1 has quantity and quality, right now and in the future."

And how exactly did that prediction turn out for the OG Xbox and 360???? XD. And, if you need to straight up lie, leave out games for PS4, and list games for Xbox One that aren't even announced yet. (Gears, Crackdown 3) You aren't exactly helping yourself kiddo.

I may as well add games like Gran Turismo 7, Quantic Dream, Guerrilla Games, and Sony Bend's NEW IP. LMAO!

chrismichaels042103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

#1. if youre going to include a digital only game like Killer Instinct...then you also have to include Resogun on PS4.

#2. if youre going to include a multi console PC game like Titanfall...then you also have to include Final Fantasy Realm Reborn, Steamworld Dig and Outlast for PS4.

#3. you conveniently forget MLB14 The Show comes out in 10 days. The PS3 version already has a score of 81. The PS4 version is supposed to be even better.

FR Realm Reborn: 86
Resogun: 84
MLB14 The Show: 81
Steamworld: 81
Infamous: 80
Outlast: 78
Killzone: 73
Knack: 57

Xbox One:
Titanfall: 86
Forza 5: 82
DR3: 78
KI: 73
Ryse: 61
Fighter Within: 23 (funny how you forgot to mention the lowest scoring exclusive retail title)

Zeeraq2103d ago


You're including Killer Instinct and Project Spark for MS and saying 'lol sony f2p'.

DialgaMarine2103d ago

lol @georgenoob I love how you just tell yourself that UC4 and The Order are somehow going to be the last first party titles to come to PS4. I forgot GT7, Planetside 2, H1Z1, Guerilla's new IP, Santa Monica's new Ip, Media Molecule's new IP, Bend's new IP, and Japan Studio's new IP all suddenly ceased to exist. I mean, Sony didn't announce months back that all 16 studios were already on board making games for PS4. Not to mention the fact that Titanfall will be releasing on PS4 from here on out.

Any gamer with a functioning brain knows that Sony has the best track record for consistently releasing numerous exclusive IPs throughout each generation up until the end. M$ doesn't exactly have such a good history in that department (unless you honestly already forgot that they pretty much forgot about from 2010 and beyond because they decided a casual gimmick camera was the way to go instead of supporting core games), so your talks of longevity just proves how blatantly stupid you are.

Oh, I know I'm just feeding a troll here, but I'm still gonna make this comment because I, just like numerous others on this site, enjoy revealing your stupidity just to watch your petty little asshurt continue to flow. Please keep ignoring facts as you continue your sorry little attempts at damage control while your beloved console continues getting Deliverance-ed. It just makes the XBone shitshow all the more entertaining.

sinspirit2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )


You listed almost all the games XBox One will ever have, unless they really do something unexpected at e3(announce new and innovative titles). The same old thing is so exciting.. Quantum Break is a thriller game, makes no sense to those that understand even the basics of time and quantum physics, but, whatever, pretend like you're sophisticated and flaunt about a generic story-based game just because it's all you've got.

How can you even list Forza when it was blatantly terrible and worser than its previous games? It was hardly even better looking graphically. The only thing on that list worth anything is DR3, which was a forced sequel, not exactly that great but it's a nice entry level game to start off next-gen, aside from performance issues(I'd also rather play Outlast for a horror game rather than an arcadey zombie rehashed title), and then there is Titanfall, which is alright, just another shooter, lacks content, and isn't going to stay exclusive for future sequels unless Microsoft pays serious money.

Oh, and I'd rather have the PC version for all of these games on either console that have PC versions. Why would I downgrade Titanfall for later patches, worser performance, paywall, and no mods ever?

I like how you pretend just because they are indies that they don't matter, only because XBox One has less.

You think Star Citizen, Starbound, MineCraft, DayZ, Kerbal Space Program, etcetera, are small? Not at all. League of Legends certainly isn't small. Riot Games is massive but they are still independent and started small.

You have no idea.

PS4 has tons more announced games. Tons more studios, and you are purposefully ignoring that e3 is coming up so that you can keep spouting Microsoft's premature announcements as if they outnumber the not yet known Sony projects.

Daylight, Deep Down, Yakuza, Outlast, FF14: A Realm Reborn, Lily Bergamo, Diablo 3, dozens of indies, a bunch of free to play games, and far more developers behind unannounced projects. Why don't you just keep it to yourself? If you like something then you don't have to blatantly lie to people just to manipulate them to like what you like. You should take pride in it and enjoy it for yourself, but, instead you take ignorance and blatantly find any chance to spew out biased words.

MysticStrummer2103d ago

If the past two generations are any indication of where things are going, then PS4 obviously.

lol george you really are some kind of special, listing and ignoring titles as it fits your argument, such as it is.

*slow clap*

Revolver_X_2103d ago

This article is complete flamebait. So many ppl wasted time commenting towards George. The fact that ppl still read his comments saddens me.

Funantic12103d ago

My X1 will end up getting played more than my PS4 before it's said and done in a couple of years. But both will get played a lot. With all this talk of GDDR5, DX12, 1080p, or the "cloud", I'm just ready to see what both systems bring at their fullest potential and how much developers push them to the limits.

SniperControl2103d ago


We all know you dont have a PS4. You are so anti Sony in most of your comments.

No_Limit2103d ago

Both will have great exclusives and I can't wait for e3 for some of these announcements for the XB1 and PS4. Glad I own both and I'm not going to debate on it.

Mr Pumblechook2103d ago

PS4 exclusives will score lower at Expect the Last of Us Remastered to be called a 'shameless cash in' and get a 6/10 whilst Halo 2 Anniversary they'll say '9/10 a triumphant return to a classic!'

cyclindk2103d ago

And the first person to respond is....

GarrusVakarian2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Lmao @ georgeenoob conveniently only mentioning 3 upcoming PS4 exclusives while listing every X1 title he can apart from Fighter Within (i wonder why), lmao. Gotta love dat picking and choosing.

If last gen is any indication, games like Halo, Uncharted, TLOU, Gears will score the highest. Thankfully, i will be playing all the highest rated games this gen, while fanboys only get to play half....LOL.

Also, pretty sad that you know all those scores off by heart, wtf is wrong with you man? My favourite game this gen so far is Infamous SS, and that scored an 80?...Who cares? Meta scores are just peoples opinions all in one place, the only opinion that matters is yours.

Ozmoses2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Can't believe not a single person mentioned Dead Nation for the PS Exclusives..

regardless of size or price a game is a game... indie or AAA... don't matter... games are games.

Dead Nation alone is fun enough to make me never want to experience MS bullshit again.

and Don't forget about Flower either, serenity at it's finest only on PlayStation.... you know Journey will be on PS4 in the future.. Flower and Flow both are..

and don't forget Remote Play... I can play my PS4 from my Vita while sitting in my backyard.. sucks for you xbox....

I can game and grill at the same time!

ALLWRONG2103d ago

Looks like georgeenoob ruffled a few PS feathers with truth. Look how fast the PS fans jumped to try and downplay the X1's higher scoring games.

Automatic792103d ago

I agree George

X1 has better lineup Ps4 lineup consist of 1 year old pc ports and a 3 exclusives that didn't live up to hype if on the ps3 and Xbox 360 days we listed all Indies mixed with Xbox 360 exclusives games then clearly every year Xbox 360 would have won now all of a sudden its okay to use indies for Sony fans to fluff up there line up and guess what it is acceptable. The hypocrisy continues. Lol

Note Anyone using Titanfall as saying pc port are wrong the game was day one on X1.

Army_of_Darkness2103d ago

@scarefactor, says the guy with the one bubble. Lmao!

On topic, it's undeniable that Ms exclusives tend to score higher for some odd reason even though their really nothing special other than "but it's a fun multiplayer" while Sony exclusives are usually superior in almost every way yet get graded lower because their apparently wasn't enough "next gen innovative"?! Yeah Ok...

Dannyh2102d ago

Knack and ryse are both a lot better than what the reviews say

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UnbiasedOpinions2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

They both will score well, both systems will get great exclusives that score high for both, a 0.1 0.3 difference doesn't matter, what matters is that we are getting good games!

Lilrizky2103d ago

Exactly. Frankly I think the .1 scores are BS. If anything they should keep them on 10 scale

AgentSmithPS42103d ago

Who cares as long as we all get enough great games to enjoy.

GribbleGrunger2103d ago

To be honest, I no longer care which scores the highest because I've entirely lost faith in reviews and the integrity of reviewers. I'll watch Twitch feeds, read interviews and ask friends.

2103d ago
MysticStrummer2103d ago

Amen to that. My faith in reviews started to crumble during the PS1 days but last gen it was destroyed completely.

AngelicIceDiamond2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

"PS4 vs. Xbox One: Which Exclusive Titles Will Score Higher?"

What a dumb thing to argue over. There are other, more important things to talk about rather than which consoles games will get a higher metacritic.

Mega242103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Totally agree, like "What games have you enjoyed in the first few months of this new Gen?"

My answer would be KZ:SF, BF4(not that much but yeah) NFS Rivals, and my final would be Final Fantasy XIV. FFXIV has been a great addition to ps4, fun and has a lot of content for an MMO still in Vanilla. Also the ps+ games, MHFU on vita was fun, but FFXIV launch has sucked me in.

Edit: Wolfenstein the New Order looks like a good 90's throwback, gameplays look kind of like Turok on N64.

admiralvic2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

"What a dumb thing to argue over."

What do you expect from VGRHQ? They've quickly moved from being a site I had no faith in, to a site I loath and detest, which is impressive given they launched a week or two ago.

If you're unaware of them, they're a decidedly pro-critic website that covers reviews and stupid things around them. Like their article about how swag doesn't affect review scores... positively, console wars don't affect review scores and of course, they write articles proclaiming one site to have the "best" review of a given game.

It's all unneeded and the irony is that the site will probably turn more people against the critics than get them on their side.


I wish sites would stop trying to jump the gun on literally anything. It's getting so bad that some sites already want to declare a winner of this generation and start talking about the next-generation of consoles. Like seriously, discussing which console will have more highly rated exclusives is like judging a show that goes on for 5+ years by the first four episodes and the synopsis of the next three. Sure, this might give you an indication of how things will go, but nothing beyond obvious speculation like "Sony will release more exclusives because they have more studios" and "Microsoft will continue to release sequels to highly popular series like Halo and Gears" will give you any idea how these years will go.

Lightning Mr Bubbles2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Neither console has exclusives anymore.

XBOX One has Halo 5 and Gears of War 4
PS4 has The Last of Us 2

Those are about the only good exclusives.

Forget about:

Gran Crapismo 7
Uncrapted 4
The Last Vaporware Guardian PS3 game
The Order Crap
MLB The Blow

It's all about Multi now...

Final Fantasy 15
Left 4 Dead 3
Metal Gear Solid 5
Dying Light

They will come out with many more but most all will be Multi.

osprey192103d ago

All i can say is e3 is going to be epic for both parties.

aaaaaaaaand to all u idiots below my comment. Just. Play. The. Damn. Games. No need to nitpick everything, its about fun. Not point scoring against someone else choice of console.

BoriboyShoGUN2103d ago

Ok Sorry, but Xbox is the one that has to something to prove as far as quality new exclusives. Sony has a long proven track record of bringing the FURY! as far as quality exclusives go.

PSFanboy0072103d ago

Xbum is weak. PS4 is a generation ahead of Xbum console. This is evident on spec sheet and on games. Even last of US on PS3 looks better than any game on Xbum.

LogicStomper2103d ago

PS4's weak. PC's not just one generation, but multiple generations ahead of PS4. This is evident anywhere on spec sheets, games and, the internet.

Let me guess, now you're thinking about 'copy/pasting' this comment as your reply?

"If ur PC rig is so much more powerful as u claim it to be...then how comes the Resolution of Last of Us on PC is 0000×0001 0000.001fps whiles on PS4 it is 1920×1080p 60fps. So yeh, all the power is with the PS4. The greatness certainly awaits for one of the greatest game ever on the greatest console ever known by mankind. "

followed by some cheesy line? No? Is it because I've just taken the words right out of your mouth? Let me guess, now you're going to go on another rant about the almighty God named PS4?

randomass1712102d ago


Sigh. Well, you called it. -_-

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KinjoTakemura2103d ago


*ducking* *running for cover*

aragon2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Lol it won't end well at all ur asking for a battle with this opinion or article

AngelicIceDiamond2103d ago

They're playing people like puppets. These articles get a pop from fanboys so they get clicks and traffic.

The way gamers act in this day and age its brilliant. I'd do the same thing its easy clicks and the best way to pay for my site.

SMH when will some gamers learn...

aragon2103d ago

How do u get one if those jobs where u get paid for clicks? I would do it. I know how to sensationalist headlines so fanboys will wanna click and discuss my article.

fathoms2103d ago

I can't understand why there can't be a civil debate concerning the exclusives for each platform. I think it'll be PS4, too, but I'm not about to bash the Xbox One into oblivion for no reason.

Immorals2103d ago

I'd like to think it'll get better when more games come out, but I think that's just a fantasy..