Marty O’Donnell, You Will Be Missed

A farewell to a man who made Halo, Halo.

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Bundi2264d ago

Why? He'd end up leaving in 3 months or so anyway.

Summons752263d ago

on what basis? He's been with Bungie for over 10 years, pretty sure that isn't leaving in 3 month...

2263d ago
memots2263d ago

oh yeah i forgot, people are leaving Naughty dog now because its a horrible Dev to work for ...


corvusmd2263d ago

Bet money MS and 343i are trying to snag him up

Naga2263d ago

I doubt they will part with Neil Davidge after the outstanding job he did on Halo 4.

Sp1tfireXM2263d ago

I would have to disagree with you... had Davidge worked on destiny... I'm sure we'd all have been quite satisfied. The only thing missing from making halo 4 an epic campaign was it's lousy score. It did nothing to immerse you into the world we've all come to love

FriedGoat2263d ago

Yeah, Seems like Naga wasn't playing the same game. The music in Halo 4 sucks, it just wasn't halo.

Biggest mistake ever to remove that iconic theme.

Naga2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

@ Sp1tfireXM

I actually found H4's score to be one of the most immersive yet - possibly second to the solemn, atmospheric one we find in ODST. As with most music, I realize that it may simply come down to a difference in personal taste. But with that said, I thought it was some of the more beautiful and engaging music we have had in the entire Halo series.

@ FriedGoat
I also would have preferred that they had somehow incorporated the iconic theme of the originals. However, I can completely understand the departure; Halo 4 signified the beginning of a new saga. Could it have still worked? I definitely think so, but I still think they did a fantastic job with the soundtrack. I found it to be an atmospheric, emotional, beautifully rendered score.

I get that you didn't like it, and that's fine. But for you to assert that it objectively "sucks" or that I wasn't playing the same game is a bit small-minded of you. Everyone I personally know who has played the game thought, that it was at least some measure of "good", if not "great".

To each his own, but I'd advise you not to run about belittling the opinions of others on matters which are inherently subjective.

Sp1tfireXM2263d ago

@ Naga

I certainly understand your view, especially when it comes to personal tastes. I won't disagree there was some good material but all the atmospheric sounds wasn't enough for me. I hope at least in the next installment when the battle gets heated he turns the beat up a few notches. I never felt the score was consistent with the gameplay as O'Donnell's was. That being said, I think the two of them could make a great team, and it wouldn't be suprising if it happened.

FriedGoat2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I'm not belittling anyone. The generic techno throughout the game was just poor. Hey, if you like that kind of thing, great. I however preferred that incredible percussion and the orchestral scores. I can remember nearly all of the music from the previous halo games in my head.

You ask pretty much anyone if they can even remember how any of the tracks go in Halo 4 (aside from the menu music) and you'll find no one will remember, do you know why? Because they didn't stand out at all.

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MajorGecko2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

i think activision dropped him cos he gave destinys music to much of a halo feel just my speculation tho

Gazondaily2263d ago

Then most of the team would have got the sack because the game itself looks like it has a halo feel to it.

ThichQuangDuck2263d ago

These articles can stop now. All though I knew it was referencing his departure from Bungie for a moment I did think he passed away. He will continue to make music somewhere

REDBEARD2263d ago

I thought the same. I was about to cry, lol.

christocolus2263d ago

I thought the same thing too.I immediately thought he had died from depression after being sacked from

Hopefully he will get something soon. The title of the article should be changed though.was really worried for a bit there.

Lolrus2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Please refrain from the dramatic titles. I know it gets you hit but I thought he had died until I read..

memots2263d ago

same for me ... im like he looks young .. what happened ???