Apple vs. Google: A world view on the mobile gaming war

Android and iOS are battling each other in every major market in the world, and gaming is the biggest part of that fight.

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ColManischewitz2098d ago

I play a lot of games on my iPad and iPhone -- but they're almost all paid apps. The only two free-to-play games I have on my devices are card games -- Sol Forge and Hearthstone.

2098d ago
JeffGrubb2098d ago

I'm happy to see that 2K finally released XCOM on Android, but I would love to get Hearthstone, Trials Frontier, Monument Valley, FTL, Calculords, and Hitman GO on my friggin' Nexus 7.

At the same time, those figures explain why I don't see those games on Google Play.

STK0262098d ago

On the bright side, Hearthstone is confirmed for Android tablets by the end of the year, the FTL team has stated that they hoped to release FTL on Android at some point and Hitman Go is supposed to see a release on Android "soon after" the iOS release, I would expect it in the coming weeks.

On the not so bright side for Android users though, is that the Infinity Blade series and The World Ends With You Solo Remix are still iOS exclusives.

In my opinion, if someone wants a tablet/smartphone to play games on, the iOS ecosystem has the better exclusives, and also has plenty of timed exclusives.

gillri2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Android all the way, Apple products are user-friendly girls fashion accessories

randomass1712098d ago

Keep in mind without those iPads, Androids might not have become so popular.

thecowsaysmoo2098d ago

Say that all you want, but iOS has some great exclusive game Apps.

dodgemoose2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

They are indeed in fashion. That's what good design and build quality gets ya.

Starbucks_Fan2098d ago

Switched back to Android from Windows the other day. Got a HTC M8 and I'm loving it.

Th3o2098d ago

I was dieing to get that phone the only turn off is the camera, I can't stand it...but it's perfect size, and feel:(.

If it had the S5 camera or at least the Nexus 5 camera I would have made the switch but the dark pictures just don't justify it enough for me to switch from my s4.

Hopefully the S5 omega (or w.e it's called) actually comes out I'd love that phone).

M8 has to be the sexiest phone ever though! I love those beats speakers!

captain_slow822098d ago

i went from an iphone 4 to a nexus 4 and tbh ive never looked back

next up i will be getting a nexus 5 yeah baby

iphones pfft and double pfft on people that buy a windows phone lol

android all the way for me :D

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The story is too old to be commented.