Killzone Shadow Fall's Latest Patch Brings a Worrying Glitch

Recently, Guerrila Games released 1.14 Patch for Killzone Shadow Fall which fixed few of the game’ s issues and paved the way for the upcoming free DLC map. However, the patch also brings a new glitch which might worry some people.

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Festano2093d ago

The important thing is that we are working to solve the problem.

AndrewLB2093d ago

When are they going to solve the BIG problem? You know... the fact that the game is not 1080p (1920x1080), but 960x1080? That resolution is FAR from what they advertised.

DoomeDx2093d ago

Singleplayer is full HD.

Multiplayer is not. Which I dont mind because when I play online, graphics are the least of my concerns.

MajorLazer2092d ago

We? Didn't realise you work for Guerilla Games

Alexious2093d ago

Good to know it's just a menu glitch in the end.

TheUltimateGamer2093d ago

Every new game has glitches. Fortunately a menu glitch that doesn't break the game is the least of concerns haha.

micx2093d ago

But I could see a lot of people frowning (if not screaming haha :D) when they first stumble upon it.
It's definately not something you'd like to see.

kaiserfranz2093d ago

Well, KZ:SF isn't new now....But, with every patch it is unfortunately possible to inadvertently add bugs or glitches.

iKenny2093d ago

I have a question. Can you platinum the game just playing Botzone?

Errefus2093d ago

i think trophies are disables on botzone, its not hard to plat, just keep playing and enjoy the multiplayer. My advice level one class at a time. you could always ask a friend to help you with some abilities but its not bad to plat.

micx2093d ago

Some of the abilities are really tedious (and time consuming) to grind. That's what's keeping me from platting the game.

Errefus2093d ago

@micx yes some are time consuming but you can get all abilities maxed fast. the only ones are time consuming are the air droid and buddy drone. I left the those 2 last and was able to do it fast by playing different modes and you can tell what maps are more beneficial for abilities.

micx2093d ago

No, you must play it online with other players.

Geekman2093d ago ShowReplies(1)
DanaBlack2093d ago

Does anyone know how many people still play this? I wanna platinum this game just been side tracked with other games. The Jack of Trades trophy is a b*tch to get

Thatlalala2093d ago

Just checked. 604 currently online. I stand by my joke made earlier, that "someone" tried to hide. You know who you are. The game is dead. Still no Co-op which I payed for with a Season Pass and its May. Time to move on. And I want my twenty bucks back.

mayberry2093d ago

Killzone SF has regional servers, so the player count you see is for YOUR region. There are plenty playing this superb game, and more adding everyday.

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The story is too old to be commented.