PlayStation Now - Will it replace PS5 or is it destined to fail?

PSU looks at Sony's new streaming service and looks at whether it will mean the end of PlayStation consoles.

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Geekman2094d ago


I think it will succeed, but not replace PS5, WTF?

FarEastOrient2093d ago

If Comcast and Time Warner have their way, than net neutrality is gone along with the all digital future of consoles.

SpinalRemains1382094d ago

What's with the hyperbole?

Why are we limited in thought to only "replacing" or "failure"?

As if there is no middle ground?

Hicken2093d ago

For the clicks. The two things aren't even dependent on each other. Just more of the ignorance called "gaming journalism."

Museigen2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

It's destined to fail, Playstation Now is only as good as long as they can support and maintain the servers for said games. Were talking a fluid game experience here, the same quality from a game disc. Sony can't guarantee that, especially since the players have to be online to play. As a gamer you can't play whenever you want, you have to be online to play. It's a digital vs physical war, and it all comes down to which side has the most supporters. I think sony feels that this is a stepping stone from the ps4, but it won't sit well with game collectors, since it's an all digital outlet. They want to eradicate physical media, so games have no resale value. It doesn't take a genius to realize this, but then again there are those who are buying digital games at retail price so I don't know.

Wh15ky2094d ago

"It's destined to fail, Playstation Now is only as good as long as they can support and maintain the servers for said games"

What "said games"? you didn't mention any games.

asyouburn2093d ago

Cuz movie collectors unanimously hate netflix, amirite?

jimbobbeers2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )


I'm kidding, it will neither fail nor replace PS5.

OrangePowerz2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Lol we only started this gen in November and we already talk about PS5?

Besides I'm not sure how likely it would be that PS Now is designed to be the next gen anyway. I don't know how they would get the same support for a streaming service from devs and publishers that they get from a normal console. Consoles have a specific purpose, to be easy to use, have a locked down hardware and is a closed environment. With a streaming service that fixed hardware falls away because servers can always be upgraded and you have limited access to that hardware. In that case all Sony studios would become essentially PC only devs.

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