DICE claims to have fixed Battlefield 4 - but an apology might be nice

Dealspwn writes: "EA and DICE have repeatedly come under fire for their communication over the last few months, notably due to the matter-of-fact marketing spiel that makes each new fix (and subsequent new problems generated by each patch) sound like a favour to a few isolated people undertaken out of the goodness of their hearts to appease a tiny moaning minority. Rather than a penitent attempt to fix a game that was, for all intents and purposes, broken and not fit for task despite a premium price tag. "While the process took longer than we would’ve liked, we wanted to be 100% sure it was done right and that the long-term solution was properly in place."

"Our objective is to deliver the best player experience possible. We feel this solution helps us deliver that to you."

"Sorry everyone," would have done it."

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XiNarutoUzumaki3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

A rushed game is bad forever!!!

Blues Cowboy3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Gosh, I hope not! I daresay plenty of Premium subscribers are waiting on BF to make good on its promises too (though I never buy season passes until all the content is out).

HOWEVER, I totally agree with the sentiment and clicked the wrong button like an idiot. Sorry! :3

static52453079d ago

Yeah I've been playing BF4 since launch and it is 100 times better now.

It would be nice for at least a "our bad guys, our bad"

AgentSmithPS43079d ago

Anyone else angry about joining the map you want to play only to have it switch soon or already be switching when you don't want to play the next map?

hulk_bash19873080d ago

Disagree, a rushed game can be fixed. What can't be fixed is the damage they did to their reputation.

venom063079d ago

no need for apology... just fix the game and from what hearing from Jackfrags and others, its working great now..

randomass1713079d ago

Isn't that telling of how poorly publishers are handling games and treating consumers now? Heaven forbid they release a stellar and smoothly running game for $60 AT LAUNCH.

jaosobno3079d ago

The game is not fixed. Today I tried a few rounds of TDM and I experienced rubberbanding so bad that I couldn't move from a single spot for 30 seconds.

I used to get that only on Conquest but it seems that other modes got "infected" as well.

This game will never be 100% fixed. Before buying BF5 I'll make sure I read every major review and forum discussion out there. If there is even a hint of technical issues, no way I'm getting the game.

LackTrue4K3079d ago

Will this crap fix my reseted career?!?!?

I want to unlock the P90, but I don't want replay it any more then I have......

3-4-53079d ago

BF4 is a solid game. It's ALWAYS been fun online. I just don't play it as much anymore currently because I'm kind of burnt out on FPS games.

n4rc3079d ago

I never had any issues with it.. Just moved on to other games.. I'm on board for bf5

Tho I've been meaning to fire it up again and check out the naval dlc

Matt6663079d ago

well it doesn't help when you get a lot of people going I hope it released soon or I not going to buy it, then that puts more pressure on the developers to try and release a game within that particular window of opportunity.

AgentSmithPS43079d ago

The apology we deserve most would be to get premium for free or extremely discounted for the hell we've been through. Refund the money to all the people that bought premium too.

TitanUp3078d ago

bf4 is still mostly unplayable, not sure what ea and dice were thinking when releasing this game early.

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Majin-vegeta3080d ago

Man gotta love these new servers.Hit detection is spot on.

Blues Cowboy3080d ago

Fingers crossed. BF4 is such a great game, it's just annoying that the infrastructure wasn't ready for prime time.

csreynolds3080d ago

An apology? Ha, you'll be lucky. They're probably muttering "I don't see what was wrong with it in the first place" under their breath...

As for the game being "fixed", it's too soon to tell. Let's see how the next few weeks pan out, because even now I'm still losing sound in-game, witnessing dodgy texture loading and experiencing crashes on PS4.

Majin-vegeta3080d ago

Agree with everything except Crashes havent had that since December.

randomass1713079d ago

The game still has a number of issues that any other AAA game would have suffered massively on Metacritic for. I don't see why Battlefield got a free pass with gamers. EA basically forced everyone to pay $60 that would only function the way it was supposed to almost half a year after its launch.

Kleptic3079d ago

I promise; they got very far from a 'free pass'...

player counts have shrunk over 50% from where we were with BF3 at its 6 month in point...sales have nearly completely stalled (a very likely reason for the recent 50% off on Origin)...

lack of trust and dislike of EA is approaching critical mass as well...its just a simple truth that most of us no longer have time for BS like this...

These 'hardware upgrades' were ONLY for the PS4 and Xbox One...the other 3 platforms, including PC (which utilizes GSP's, not EA owned servers) none of it, and is bad as ever...

the damage will come...BF4 failed to out-grow BF3, something a publisher will never celebrate about...even though this time around the genre was wide open in terms of considerable competition (Ghosts was the weakest CoD since CoD 3)...There are plenty of us that will not touch the next BF until far after its release, and only if its NOTHING like BF4 as far as post-release support...

user82061903079d ago

I literally just crashed out of a game, on ps4. its not fixed

AgentSmithPS43079d ago

I'm on PS4 and I don't even remember having crashes. I've had some extreme slideshow moments with levolution, EA disconnecting me, rubber banding from hell, but not that. I didn't notice any major problems when I played yesterday but I played later EST.

LukeTVNow3080d ago

It would indeed be nice, but an apology is seen as an admission of wrongdoing, and so many companies today are completely unwilling to do that. They'd rather patch a leaky boat than admit they sent it out before it was seaworthy.

Blues Cowboy3080d ago

Well I suppose there are those class action lawsuits to consider, but being forthright and honest (if not just... friendly?) is something EA ought to be considering right now. It'd be a nice gesture and I reckon it'd create some good feeling.

LukeTVNow3079d ago

I agree wholeheartedly, but for right or wrong, the PR machine just don't work that way, and I'm sure someone in the massive conglomerate that is EA's legal department is telling them at every step of the way NOT to apologize.
In the end, I feel bad for DICE for having to rush a project that, from what I've gathered, was a project that staffers explained EA that just wasn't ready yet. EA rushed production to beat rival Activision in CoD.

Hellsvacancy3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

I played today (no new update) and it played AWESOME, had a round on Golmud Rail 25-0 no revives (sniping) headshots galore

It was one of the best rounds i've ever had on BF4, the rounds after were good aswel,

I shoot - they die, that's how it should be

I still won't ever buy a BF at launch, I bought BF4 3 months after it released and it was still fu...... broken

An apology should be FREE dlc, like they did for BF3, if EA did that I would wipe the slate clean (until BF5)

Blues Cowboy3080d ago

Awesome, that's really good to know. Friday night sorted then! #needtogetoutmore

Stapleface3079d ago

Snipers don't deserve apologies. PTFO or GTFO.. lol

asmith23063079d ago

Played a game of Rush yesterday and half my team were sitting back being useless with their sniper rifles. I don't understand why they bother to play rush at all.

3079d ago
Hellsvacancy3079d ago

I was playing Team Deathmatch buddy, I rarely play rush/conquest on BF4 because it is (was) broken

Now it seems to be working I will get on Rush/Conquest tonight

I also rarely snipe aswel, but Golmud Rail is such a good level for it

Majin-vegeta3079d ago

The update was server side.So we wouldn't update it on our end.They just take the servers offline for awhile to apply it :3.

Hellsvacancy3079d ago

Ahhh, nice, thanks for the info

T23079d ago

well actually snipers can be useful, that's why they added the different weapons in i think... for instance you can take sniper with shotgun, tugs, spawn b, and run all over the place in conquest... or if you want to be true to sniper you can go
m405 w/pullbolt, c4, spawn becon and use a secondary like 12g shorty, and still be good at conquest in bigger maps...
the dudes who sit up in towers though ya, just teamkill them, worse than useless... funny thing on battlefield too, they are always like 5-7 or 10-8 with like 2000 pts..... I don't even see the point as they aren't even good or helpful.... and you can just as easily sit in a bush defending a base and snipe them out of a tower as they can snipe you... obvious simpletons....

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