Everything You Wanted To Know On Secret Ponchos

The Secret Ponchos dev team discusses everything in this interview, from launch date to inspirations, game modes and the franchise future.

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Festano2102d ago

Great interview, I like the combat system that is used.

TheUltimateGamer2102d ago

Agreed. Looking forward to playing this one!

Alexious2102d ago

Think I'm going to play this with some good ol' Leone music in the background

incendy352102d ago

Good to see more console games coming to Steam. I am not a big multiplayer fan but I do love the art style, probably pick this up.

kaiserfranz2102d ago

The art style is just amazing!

Budobear2102d ago

It was a good read and got me interested for the game, as I've never really been sure what its about. The only thing that bugged me was the swerve on the question about release date. Why does it seem to be so hard to meet an estimated release date now, to be honest this question is aimed at all devs at the minute not just them?

kaiserfranz2102d ago

Well, they did say it should be out as Early Access in June.

The release date is always a touchy subject for games as they might encounter game breaking bugs that could delay it at the last minute.

Rhezin2102d ago

no they said it got delayed till FALL. yeah...

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