Dark Souls 2 PC Launches with Big Problems, Here are the Workarounds

"Dark Souls 2 has now launched on PC, and some players are experiencing a myriad of crippling problems. Here are the workarounds."

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acharlez2096d ago

Thanks for the heads up!

finite2096d ago

We found the game has no issues running on the MSI GS70

achmetha2096d ago

have the same laptop, played fine, even streamed over wifi to twitch with no problems.

Somebody2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

How's the heat management on the MSI GS70? I have an Asus G55 but I have been thinking of getting a much thinner and less bulky laptop for my next one.

achmetha2095d ago

the bottom gets pretty hot and the vents on the sides send out quite a bit of heat.

i personally use a lapdesk n315 to keep it off of my legs if i'm not using it at a desk. it works great.

performance is amazing when the power supply is plugged in, but on battery power the results are less than satisfying.

overall very satisfied with the performance of this thin laptop.

Somebody2095d ago

That's to be expected from a small form factor like that. Does the heat affect game performances? I can deal with skin melting heat as long as it doesn't cause significant slow down.

achmetha2095d ago

i have not experienced it have slowdown due to heat. its only ever kicked the fans up to 100% maybe once if that. ive monitored it using hwmonitor and the temps looks fine when gaming. i personally do not crank the graphics to high, but medium settings keep me and the laptop happy

dbjj120882096d ago

I still haven't finished on PS3, but modders to the rescue!

Allsystemgamer2096d ago

I'm just launching it on my laptop now with my ds4. Here's hoping it works!

allgamespc20122096d ago

lol issues. only noobs with a laptop and amd cards have issues.

Furesis2096d ago

what the hell dude? some people are just weird haha

LAWSON722096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

The only games that can be a pain with AMD are the ones sponsored by Nvidia (usually terribly optimized). When I had my HD 7950 it never caused any crash problems.

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