The modder who fixed Dark Souls' PC graphics releases Dark Souls 2 mod

Peter Thoman, the modder better known as "Durante" and for his mod that vastly improved the visual quality of the original Dark Souls' PC port, released a new graphics mod today — this time for From Software's sequel, Dark Souls 2.

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Haki11122101d ago

Awesome work! Software needs to hire this guy.

pandehz2101d ago

Nope we the gamers need him more than they do.

Who will fix our stuff?

starchild2101d ago

I don't think some of you realize the significance of this mod. It doesn't just work with Dark Souls 2, it's going to allow for tweaking in many PC games. This could be a big deal for PC gaming.

"Thoman calls his mod GeDoSaTo, or the Generic Downsampling Tool. He explains on his personal blog that after developing graphics fixes for Dark Souls and Deadly Premonition, he "saw a world in which everyone was free to downsample any game, unbound by the restrictions of their monitor or display driver. One where people could downsample at high refresh rates, and where the quality of the scaling in real-time was finally equal to that achieved in image manipulation programs."

"What about providing a set of tools, which would allow anyone, without low-level knowledge of Windows programming or even access to a compiler, to perform game-specific modifications and improvements such as DSfix, AGmod or DPfix?" Thoman wrote. "Why not also enable talented artists to use their craft on any game, not just ones designed to be modifiable by their creators?"

This could open up a world of modding in games that previously didn't support modding. This is awesome news.

F4sterTh4nFTL2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

That, my friends is the reason why PC Gaming is the best.

BX812101d ago

Why? Because you have to fix your own games when ever you want? I console game I don't have to fix anything, I simply wait for the devs to make a patch on their own time....wait a minute....

On a serious note, that's pretty cool and props to the talented individual for sharing with everyone.

Jovanian 2101d ago

"I simply wait for the devs to make a patch on their own time"

Exactly. We aren't as helpless as that. If this were console, we'd still be sitting with our thumbs up our bums waiting for Devs to put something out. Instead, we've got a guy who is more competent than the entirety of the PC porting team release a fix within days of release.

TitanUp2101d ago

sometimes devs dont fix bugs and other things in games fast enough and players on the pc side take it in there own hands which is pretty cool.

BattleN2101d ago

I agree but I only game on console's PC is too technical for me with all the crap you have to maintain and update.

Patrick_pk442101d ago

This. The community always makes great mods for video games. I only play consoles for certain exclusives.

nucky642101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

google "pc verison of dark souls 2 has lots of problems" and tell me again how pc gaming is "the best".

edit - it's not just one game deividas. also, i like gaming on pc too...but it's not better than consoles or mobile - each format brings positives to the table.
btw - you're reported for the post...everyone can have an opinion here.

Deividas122101d ago

Right because one game defines an entire community of gamers. Dumbass.

sorane2101d ago

"google "pc verison of dark souls 2 has lots of problems" and tell me again how pc gaming is "the best"."

Show me one mainstream game for any platform you type that into google for that doesn't have plenty of topics. I can name plenty of console games that are a mess that have no choice but to just deal with it. At least PC gamers don't have to wait for fixes that may or may not ever come. I can't even think of one next gen console AAA game that doesn't have bugs.

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oIITSBIIo2101d ago

It is already great but can't say no for improvement .

DVAcme2101d ago

Yeah, the game looks nicer... and I already have friends who waited for the PC version who were massacred on Day 1 by a hacked lvl 800 invader.

Between prettiest graphics and no griefers and hackers ruining my game, obvious choice is obvious.

DVAcme2101d ago

EXACTLY. Seriously, why am I getting so many disagrees when I'm merely pointing out that the community and game balance in the console versions of the game are preferable to the unplayable munchkinfest that the PC version always turns into? Yes, the PC version is prettier and can be modded into making the console version look prehistoric, but the fact remains that if you want to actually play the real DS2 experience, you gotta go console because the PC cheaters ruin it.

kevnb2101d ago

The video is from the ps3 version...

Qrphe2101d ago

Bought on PS3 and pirated on PC for replayability. From has my money already.

AD7052101d ago

There are hackers on pretty much every platform. I play DS1 and DS2 on my PC and haven't come across any hackers at all. In fact the only people who bring up hackers are console fanboys talking out of their asses to make PC look bad. Yes there are hackers on the PC but it's not as prevalent or as constant as console fanboys make it out to be.

allgamespc20122101d ago

hahahaha what a noob. i love people who claim such crap like you just did without any proof. not a single cheater for me 40 hours in. Also, we just outsold the xbox 360 version and we are going to outsell ps3 as well, in under a month.

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thricetold2101d ago

Every mod I see for pc is for graphics. Graphics. Same gameplay, shinier pixels. Really? How can you get so excited over a better picture when the games already look good? With the same gameplay mind you!

Can't believe people waited just for pretty pixels. Let me know when there are real improvements to the gameplay aspects, and im not talking Fps' s either. Im talking changes to fundamental gameplay, added enemies on screen, better A.I. etc...

Can't believe these people consider themselves gamers when they only care about lighting and shadows. ..

sorane2101d ago

"Every mod I see for pc is for graphics."

You're either blind or just turn a blind eye to all the amazing mods out on PC that have nothing to do with graphics. I know it's a pain in the butt to browse the web on those consoles but if you only took a few minutes you'd be amazed at what mods you could find.

"Can't believe people waited just for pretty pixels. Let me know when there are real improvements to the gameplay aspects, and im not talking Fps' s either. Im talking changes to fundamental gameplay, added enemies on screen, better A.I. etc... "

You're asking a lot of modders seeing as the game has been out a whole 24-48 hours?

Seafort2101d ago

Isn't graphics the thing that console fanboys constantly argue about most of the time anyway?

Or resolution if it's 1080p or not etc etc.

On PC we had 1080p before the last gen of consoles were launched never mind this gen.

Maybe you should check out the mods for Skyrim or any other game that came out on PC the last decade or so :) It's not just about graphics.

starchild2101d ago

Sounds like sour grapes to me.

First of all, just as the guys above me said, there are mods for all kinds of things beyond graphics.

Second of all, just because a person cares about the visual aspects of a game doesn't mean that they don't care about things like gameplay and narrative. Console fanboys like you are always acting like it is an either-or situation, but it's not. What's wrong with wanting better graphics and performance on the games you love?

Do you have that attitude about home theater buffs that buy nice HDTVs, projectors, surround sound systems and high quality Blu-ray players? They must not like movies, right? Bzzt! Wrong! Those people love movies and want to experience them at their best.

It's no different with gaming. Many PC gamers are enthusiasts that love gaming with a passion and want to experience their games with the best visual fidelity and the smoothest performance possible.

allgamespc20122101d ago

dude, your comment has to be one of the most ignorant ones ive ever seen. jesus, seriously? dedicate yourself to cooking man, you are no good at this. seriously? thanks for the laugh though

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