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Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

The Trials series of games from developer Red Lynx has really carved out a niche for itself since the original Javascript game in 2000. The first Trials game was a browser-based take on the motorcycle sport of Observed Trials, a sport wherein riders must use their skill to traverse a complex set of terrain and obstacles without breaking contact with their bike. The mechanics of the sport translate well to a two-dimensional plane - your motorcycle rider can accelerate or brake, and lean forward or backward. The skill comes in by timing bursts of acceleration with proper leaning to approach various inclines, gaps, and jumps.

I still remember sneaking in games of Trials and Trials 2 during my high school computer classes, always being so enthralled with my rider controls that I was too late to notice the teacher scorning me over my shoulder. Since moving to consoles and standalone PC downloads, Trials has really pushed for a more fantastical and engaging experience, but is Trials Fusion a leap in the right direction, or a hesitant misstep?

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