Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Halo

VRFocus - You are Master Chief. For the first time, you really are inside that iconic visor, surveying the battlefield that stretches out in front of you, enemy Banshees dancing off in the distance and Warthogs skating around the scene below. You draw your battle rifle and leap off of the hillside, landing hundreds of meters below without so much as a scratch. The field around you falls silent for a second as you look up to see a group of Grunts staring at you in disbelief. You stand from a crouched position, covering the tiny enemies in your shadow as you rise and draw your energy sword.

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cfc782095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

HALO+VR=megatonx10 i think it would be that big,every halo fans dream come true,not as bigger fan as some myself but you've gotta admit the idea sounds amazing.

cfc782095d ago

Megatonx2 x10 probably a bit much lol.

level 3602095d ago

Microsoft at present only supports AR.

No chance of Halo in VR.

Skate-AK2095d ago

Would be a pretty cool thing. It could mimic how it looks to see through a visor.