Why realism in games isn't always desirable

MWEB GameZone takes a look at the role of realism in video games.

"Fiction by definition takes liberties with the reality it is based on. It’s not so much a mirror as a broken reflective shard jammed somewhere into reality’s skin."

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Choc_Salties2102d ago

Bah, put realism in if it serves or aids in the suspension of disbelief motif of the game. You'll always have you basic - now generally called "Retro" games - which are cool, and don't need that hyper-realism. Gameplay is important firstly, but if "realism" aids the game in being what it is, then by all means, add it. just don't stuff up the gameplay component in favour of realism.

Besides, at this rate, we should be hitting the "uncanny valley" effect real soon with regards to "realism" which may just push people back into a state where they prefer less realism rather than more...

Skate-AK2102d ago

I like a stylized art style rather than super realistic graphics.