First 15 minutes of The Amazing Spider-man 2 on Xbox 360

With The Amazing Spider-man 2 on Xbox One being delayed, your only Xbox hope of some Spidey action will now be on the Xbox 360 and the first 15 minutes of that version have now appeared on Youtube

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minimur122095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

'Call an Ambulance!'
'Somebody help!!!!!'

'Not my problem'

Bit funny how they decided on X360 though, I mean if it was me I would've chosen PS4, or PC.

KonsoruMasuta2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

I suspect they wanted to show the crappier versions first to lower everyone's expectations. Now when they show the PC or PS4 versions, everybody will be amazed at how much better they look in comparison.

Godmars2902095d ago

Might have to do with no XB1 version. Also given that we're talking about a movie tie-in game, all other versions may look as "good".

randomass1712095d ago


My sentiment exactly. No guarantee at all that the PS4/XB1/PC versions will look any better than the tohers. It is a movie tie-in after all.

KnightRobby2095d ago

Did they REALLY just show Uncle Ben dying for the 100th time? How many times does this poor man have to die? LMAO!

randomass1712095d ago

It is the turning point for Spider-man. I mean how many times have we seen Batman's parents die? :P

levian2095d ago

Do people care about this? I honestly thought every spider man game since the PS1 days were crappy movie>video game tie ins, and as a result were 100% guaranteed to be crap

KonsoruMasuta2095d ago

What about Spider-Man 2? That was one of the best Spider-Man games ever!

Ilovetheps52095d ago

I was just about to say the same thing. Spider-Man 2 was my favorite super hero game. I was hoping this game would turn out to be similar to it.

levian2095d ago

Never tried it, I've personally given up on all standard super hero games since the early PS2 days. The only ones I've played recently are the Infamous games.

randomass1712095d ago


I really like Spider-man, Spider-man 2 and Ultimate Spider-man from the PS2 days. Those games are all pretty fun, Spider-man 2 especially. :)

eaise2095d ago

IMO The first Amazing Spider-man wasn't bad. Was it a masterpiece? No. But IMO this game looks to try and compete for Spider-man 2 for the spot of best Spider-Man game.

randomass1712095d ago

Normally I like being optimistic about things like this, but I'm not sure about this game. If I get a chance to try it I'll try to approach it with an open mind, but it doesn't look to me like it will capture that same awesome feeling as the older games from the Raimi days. Except for Spider-man 3. That game sucked.

Ghost_Nappa2095d ago

Bruce wayne lives in Gotham, and in Gotham, when when an epilptic has a seizure you toss your in laundry.