The Wii Fit Workout: Can a videogame help you lose weight?

News Week: "At their best, gadgets like Wii Fit can help people get in shape by combining exercise with the addictiveness of videogames. A half hour on the elliptical can be boring. Not so a videogame that's always offering you new rewards, like vocal encouragement ("great job") and extra points in the Wii Bank that unlock new exercises. Studies have shown that earlier games like Dance Dance Revolution helped people lose weight by making them want to come back for more. Can the Wii Fit hold one's interest for the months needed to lose weight and get in shape? Perhaps. But it certainly tries to ensnare your competitive spirit, allowing you to monitor your progress and play against family members. And there is the ever-present challenge of meeting your weight-loss goals, which the scale-based system excels in tracking."

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crazy250005608d ago

My friends used the game to lose 20+ lbs.

BrotherNick5607d ago

It would but ddr lacks variety imo.

wiizy5607d ago

unlike people that go to an actually gym.. i do and still have wiifit.. but wiifit can help gamers get fit cause some gamers dont even like to get off their couch


Hardcore gamer grandma plays 4,000 days of Wii Fit

This hardcore gamer grandma has put nearly 4,000 days into Wii Fit!

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Eonjay1681d ago

Exercise is exercise no matter how you get it.

BlacKJesu51681d ago

Looks like every other church going grandmother...good job


Here Are the Top 10 Best-Selling Exclusives Since 1995 (USA)

The NPD Group has revealed the top 10 best-selling exclusives in the U.S. since 1995, and Nintendo holds all 10 spots.

Highlife1778d ago

Yeah as a gamer that list sucks. Wouldn't be to prod of that.

Paytaa1778d ago

Oh you're one of those real gamers

Literal_Cringe1778d ago

You're not much of a gamer then.

lxeasy1778d ago

Damn Nintendo Domination!

King_Noctis1778d ago

Kindda surprising actually. All games are from Nintendo.

darthv721778d ago

And the #1 game on this list is also the #1 game (and accessory) to be found at the local goodwill.

Imalwaysright1778d ago

Take a look at the 50 best selling games of all time https://en.wikipedia.org/wi...

telekineticmantis1778d ago

Nintendo has always had the most mass appeal, my Mother would play Mario.

1778d ago
EddieNX 1778d ago

There's landslides and then there's this. Wouldn't be surprised if the top 50 was mostly Nintendo games.

Paytaa1778d ago

The only other game's that cracked the Top 15 aside from Nintendo were Halo 3, Halo Reach, and Halo 4.

EddieNX 1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Good. I adore Halo!! It's the only online shooting game for me.

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Top 10 Best-Selling Wii Games

VGChartz's William D'Angelo: "Today we take a look at the top 10 best-selling games for yet another platform. Up to this point we have looked at the original PlayStation, the Nintendo 64, the PlayStation 2, the original Xbox, the GameCube, the Nintendo DS, and the PSP. This week it's the turn of Nintendo's most popular home console, the Wii.

The Wii is the fifth best-selling video game platform in history and the third best-selling home console in gaming history. It is also the best-selling home console not released by Sony. It sold 101.18 million units lifetime."

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trunkswd2901d ago

The Wii was a beast! The entire top 10 selling more than 10 million units each!

FallenAngel19842901d ago

Just like the DS list, every game on the Wii's list has sold over 10 million. Not even PS1 and PS2 did that. That's very incredible

fitfox2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

positive comment for Agrees

jcnba282900d ago

Those software sales are insane.