New High Performance Battlefield 4 Servers

DICE is releasing new higher-performance servers and a new server update. The Battlefield 4 server patch is the 32nd server patch to date. Check out all the changes below.

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Am-No-Hero2093d ago

Many thanks to DICE , really they did their best

frostypants2093d ago

Maybe I'll finally buy the game...

scotmacb2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

High performance servers lol not in the game i just had dice are a joke how long is it gonna take to get this game right

Alsybub2093d ago

I played last night and it was much better. Will have to see if it stays that way.

Fingers crossed.

Umbasa2093d ago

Yea, this past week for me conquest has been running smooth w/ no lag.

PCGamingNoobs2093d ago

still unplayable on ps4 for me ive barely got 20 mins in total since i bout the game. i'd play single player bit it crashes and shuts down on that as well after about an hour or less play. the only game on my ps4 i games completed yet.

its more annoying as they are charging more for these games and months down the line they are still broken, and then they have the face to release and charge for the dlc...

Alsybub2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Wow, that's really bad.

I have to say that, while I did experience similar issues when the game came out, I haven't been suffering any of those things.

I've put in over 100 hrs since. It's strange how these things affect some and not others. Especially in single player. Plus, as far as I'm aware, the PS4 version is said to be more stable, at least that's what people say.

Oh yeah, I play it on Xbox One but that shouldn't make much of a difference if it's server issues that cause it.

caseh2093d ago

I got rid of the game after the first week of owning it. I had all the common issues people had mentioned like rubber banding and crashing out. Final straw for me was it locking up the PS4 resulting in having to physically unplug the console, unacceptable.

PCGamingNoobs2093d ago

I think the single player issues have been fixed now I have played long enough to try it for some time, but I've tried the multiplayer and still shockingly bad on lag. I'd like to say it's my Internet but I have the fastest Internet in the UK and have no issues with anything else I've ever played.

Shame I really enjoyed battlefield 3 and put some serious hours on pc.

Wish there was something more the consumer could do to get money back or something when these things happen, it's getting worse these days and we are left stuck with faulty goods and out of pocket.

They will release the next battlefield before its fixed and abandon like nothing happened

boing12093d ago

That's weird. I played whole evening yesterday and the difference was striking. I had zero lag, and I mean literally zero. On every map I played. Including Naval Strike, which was basically unplayable to this moment. It's a different game now.

Alsybub2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Hilarious that you would get a disagree. As if that person was looking over your shoulder while you were playing and knows you're a liar. Ridiculous.

Same as me getting a disagree. Are they disputing that I've played over 100hrs? or that I haven't been suffering any of those issues? Surely not. I don't remember anyone who goes on this site sitting next to me while I play. That would be really creepy. I didn't dispute that the above poster was telling the truth and I didn't attack the PS4. It can't be any of those either.

Ah! I know. I mentioned that I own an Xbox One. This is N4G after all. Haha!

Umbasa2093d ago

Same here, i did not realize how much better of a time one could have on this game when not being blasted by lag snags off and on 24/7. The only dlc i have are china and strike and so far this week the online is blazing smooth

ZILLA2093d ago

Played last night on ps3 on Obliteration mode and it still freezes and locks up when loading between Railway and Locker.pleeeeease dice get this fix reputations on the line.had got 5 of my buddys to buy your game and now there pissed at me!

frankied1012093d ago

Same here convinced co workers and some just went COD and can't blame em

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