The 'Nintendo Girls Club' Is So Sexist It Made Me Sick

Karyne Levy from Business Insider writes: The Nintendo Girls Club YouTube channel is taking female gamers 100 steps in the wrong direction. The channel, which launched just a couple months ago, is an offshoot of the Nintendo U.K. YouTube channel, and is targeting girls with videos about gameplay and trailers of the newest games. It bills itself as "the official Nintendo UK YouTube channel made especially for girls."

With its focus on shopping and clothes, instead of gameplay and power-up tricks, it might be making games less popular with girls.

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Septic2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

"I get it. This channel isn't for me: an experienced gamer who likes more intricate games like those in the "Assassin's Creed series."

The author also has a sub-heading stating:

'I'm a girl gamer and I don't like pink'

Yet, she is quick to link to the sensationally titled website for 'feminist gamers' (ugh)called Not in the Kitchen Anymore which has this:

Do girl gamers want gender equality or not? If you scream from the rooftops, "I'm a GIRL GAMER!" whilst benefiting from the attention you are obviously seeking then you need to take some hits on the chin. Also, many girls like pink. Deal with it.

I do agree that Ninty could have deffo done a better job of portraying female gamers but I myself, know a few gamers that are very similar to the kind Ninty are portraying as well as more 'hardcore' gamers.

MeteorPanda2094d ago

"Do girl gamers want gender equality or not?"

hey hey, don't associate all of us with that broad!

Visiblemarc2094d ago

MeteorPanda, I think you hit the nail on the head. One of the worst problems with modern media is in their desperate attempts to stay interesting they group things forcibly together to form "trends."

This act of association of unrelated things, gets clicks, but also unfairly links together things and people.

Some women are hardcore gamers, some are self professed "girly gamers" who care more about matching their nail polish to their 3ds. One isn't better than the other.

To imply that they way one person enjoys something ruins it somehow for someone else is illogical. People *are* different.

Do I personally like a view of women, in any context, as vapid and superficial? Nope. Yet, that doesn't give me any right to dictate to any woman how she should choose to live her life.

So to your point about not wanting to be associated, you shouldn't be, there is no reason to associate that youtube channel with anything. It is what it is. I highly doubt in today's world it will "ruin" any young minds. It's just one choice among many thousands.

Edsword2094d ago

Most women don't want gender 'equality' to tell the truth. Sure they want society to treat their social roles as equal to men's. But most women want to be women and do women things, just like most men want to be men and do men things. I really don't want my wife playing the videogames I play and she wouldn't want that either. Society needs to move beyond thinking equality means women and men fill the same roles because that is just dumb. However the roles they do fill should get an equal amount of respect and if they are doing the same role at a job, equal pay. It would be a very boring world if men and women were the same.

randomass1712094d ago


I honestly thought the Girls Club approach was primarily intended for younger girls who are into these sorts of games. It's really not unlike the kinds of girl toy commercials you see on Nickelodeon and other children's networks. This one seems to be marketing to a wider age group, but it's not really sexist simply for putting a lot of pink in it. As you said, there are girls who like pink. What's wrong with giving those people something they may like?

Yahdaree2093d ago

Not every game is for every person, girl or guy, simple as that. I hate when people call something sexist, one way or the other... It's like, get over yourself already.

Reeze2094d ago

Goodness gracious, it is SO easy to offend people these days.

You give a girl a pink cookie?
Her parents will scream "sexism!!" and throw it back.

You don't like the Girls' Club? That's because it most likely isn't targeted at you. Are you a little girl? No.

theDivision2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Yet when that girl is a baby she is dressed in pink so that people can identify her as a girl. They are socialized to enjoy those colors so a good portion of them do like pink. Parents scream sexist when they engage in gender socialization every single day.

cyguration2094d ago

So uh... what you're saying is that babies should be dressed in neutral colors so when people see the kid they go "Hey, your son-- uhh daughter--- uhh... whatever it is, it looks cute."

Edsword2094d ago

You act like there is something wrong with girls and pink. Look between your legs, we are different. It is the stupid notion that somehow liking pink and acting like a girl is somehow inferior that's the problem.

randomass1712094d ago


That's more about social gender roles which is a whole other topic entirely. The step we take against that is by showing tolerance to our children and let them express themselves how they see fit. As long as it is not destructive to themselves or others of course.

theDivision2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

What I am saying is everyone complains about boys and girls being seen as different and inferior when it is parents who reinforce this difference the most when children are the youngest and most susceptible to socialization.

I completely agree which is what I am saying, children are socialized to see this boys are told by their fathers "Don't be such a girl" and when they turn to teenagers their coaches tell them "don't be such a p****" the people who tend to have the most influence on males during these stages are reinforcing this. I see it everyday.

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Nevers0ft2094d ago

It bothers me that nowadays many people think they have a right to not be offended but that's not the way it works. I have the right to be offensive, if that offends you, tough :)

People can scream sexist all they want but you can't hide the fact that *generally speaking* girls like "girly" things. That's not to say all girls because as any reasonable person knows, gender isn't black and white, but the whole point was to appeal to the widest audience of girls possible.

Chrischi19882094d ago

While we men have to take every shit and have to be quiet. Then one thing comes by, that looks a little girly and they start to turn it into sexism. Always wanting equality, but not in the things, you already got the upper hand for. Equality means equality and not equality in the points I like.

Geekman2094d ago

It took 3 seconds for a "Zero suit Samuses new design is sexist" article to pop up.

randomass1712094d ago

Ironically, I don't think anyone thought that design was sexist when it was first used in Other M which often gets accused of having sexist writing. :P

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Inception2094d ago

SMH. Another article from crazy feminazis who made little things like a super frickin big problem that can treated the safety of this universe -_-

Mankey2093d ago

Possibly the dumbest article I've ever read on the subject.

The leap in logic here is so great that even Micheal Jordan would have a hard time with it.

I see one commercial targeting people who happen to be the same gender as me = They have offended my entire gender.

Under this logic, literally hundreds of thousands commercials made are offensive.

ex: Superbowl commercial with a few guys tossing a football around. WHAT!?!?! ARE WE ALL JUST ANIMALISTIC MEAT-BAGS WHO DON'T HAVE BRAIN AND CANT DO ANYTHING BUT THROW AROUND A FOOTBALL????

You see how the logic works? Everyone can be offended by everything simply because they see someone of the same gender doing something they don't feel they would do. The idea is just absurd.

But in the end it doesn't matter. These commercial, these ads, were made to target a market. That's all there really is too it.

rainslacker2093d ago

Men in mainstream TV, in general, have been demeaned pretty heavily for the past decade. They're often portrayed as idiots who can't get by without their women. It's particularly noticeable in commercials.

Marketers aren't stupid. They know that women are more prone to do the shopping, so they play on gender roles to appeal to the women, not necessarily the men that the products may be for.

To date, I have yet to see any articles about how men are offended about it...although I'm sure there are some floating around out there.

MeteorPanda2094d ago

what's wrong with pink?? l consider myself a gamer and often have to remind myself of my gender as l'm joining in the insult fest on cod and lol, my gender has really never been a problem, yeah sure boys don't expect it, specially if l name myself 'Yo Dawg' but under no circumstances have l been looked down on or thought of as an inferior player, it's always been just an easy thing to pick on me with...which l just accept. l can still insult them back. I guess l feel as if a majority of my gender seem to place themselves on a pedestal when they play and see every insult as a personal attack.

However l know there are some really horrid cases out there and l'm sure every normal man doesn't want to be associated with that asshole who sends sexual and mental harassment to a girl.

the amount of hate in this article sort of destroys the purpose. Yeah sexism exists but also know that it exists for men too. get off your cross and realize not everything has to revolve around you.

donwel2094d ago

This x1000.
I've played with/against girls online and not once have they been treated as inferior players by anyone.
Hell, they've always joined in with the friendly trash talk as well. There are definitely some dicks in the community but they're in the minority.
We need more girls like you to speak up and put these click baiting "journalists" in their place.

MeteorPanda2094d ago

the problem is we are all playing the games these journalists say we aren't welcome to play. lol. l'll see if l can start a trade chat or shout chat going in wow or ff14, best l can do

cyguration2094d ago

Well said, bubbles.

It seems like the doritocracy is more inclined to create segregation and separation than unity and anti-discrimination in the gaming communities.

They spew a lot of vitriol that seems to want male gamers to resent female gamers, and a lot of fear-mongering to make female gamers feel unwelcome amongst male gamers.

There's all forms of harassment online (sometimes even female against female) but this whole thing of antagonizing the community feels like a step in the wrong direction.

donwel2094d ago

I watch mundanematt on youtube and he basically says the same thing about the "journalists" antagonizing the community.
From what he says I get the impression that gamers are starting to turn on them.

DasTier2094d ago

"A safe space for female gamers is a necessity"

Wait is she actually being serious?

SilentNegotiator2094d ago

We need 2 rape whistles on every girl and 3 "I'm a rapist" loudspeakers on every man. THE MALE HAS MADE THIS WORLD UNSAFE.

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