Sony's Yoshida has advice for Japanese developers: Do what you do best

"They should really focus on what they do best. Many games try to appease Western audiences, not understanding the culture, and most of them fail."

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jobboy2269d ago

well said!!
i want a real RE comeback!!!

TheLyonKing2269d ago

Square Enix is a big culprit for doing just this and need to focus properly again, westerns bought their games because it had that non Western feel.

shin megami tensei is a good example of a game that is not created to appeal to westerns but in doing that makes it more appealing IMO.

frenchtoast2269d ago

Perfect advice from Shu. Don't try to be western developers, there's a reason why JRPGs used to have such a big fanbase, and it's because they didn't try to be what they aren't.

randomass1712269d ago

Capcom and Konami have also done a lot of "westernizing." It's really quite sad how trendy it's becoming. We need to encourage more variety. Bravely Default's success is telling of this.

oof462269d ago

Demon's Souls was a great example.

ChozenWoan2269d ago

Demon's Souls is basically Onimusha but in a western setting (just wish we could get an Onimusha game as I miss Samanosuke Akechi and Jubei Yagyu). At it's heart the game play is pretty much an Eastern game and that's why Demon's Souls is a Hit.

Inception2269d ago

I think you got it wrong. FYI, Demon's Souls is a spiritual successor of King's Field. A series which is developed by From Software too. If you ever play King's Field than you will notice a lot of similaritis between King's Field and Demon's Souls.

Meanwhile, Onimusha is basicly Resident Evil but with faster movement and japanese historical setting (ninja, samurai, feudal lord, etc). That's why in Onimusha 1 (and 2-4) there's puzzles, deadly traps, fixed camera, pre-rendered background, a lot of backtracking to find keys to unlocked the door, tank control, or herbs. The same elements that we also find in RE. Heck, even Onimusha used the same game over screen like RE.

You should read this interview when 1up talked with Keiji Inafune about Onimusha

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The story is too old to be commented.