Watch dogs has Season Pass/DLC plans, more to be revealed next week.

Since many are asking about it , so Jonathan Morin confirmed it on Twitter today

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hiredhelp2098d ago

Season pass is the New DLC in bundle form no getting away with it.

us_army2098d ago

"Stay connected to the world of Watch Dogs with the Watch Dogs Season Pass. Get access to a unique Single Player Campaign featuring a new playable character plus more missions, weapons, and exclusive content for $19.99. That's an over 25% savings versus buying each piece separately."

This description has been on the net for a few weeks now, are they giving more detail?

Yi-Long2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

DLC-milking again, which is to be expected from Ubisoft.

It just means I won't pick this up at release for full price, but will wait for a much cheaper and complete edition a year orso from now, IF I'm still interested in the game by then.

Same reason why I haven't picked up Trials Fusion, even though I was very excited about that game.

thorstein2098d ago

What I want to know, is, if I get the Special Edition, or whatever it is called for $79.99, then do I get all of the DLC?

Is that part of the price? I think it should be. Then, I am paying $79.

At least Ubisoft does online and DLC right. I am so glad I never gave EA/DICE any more money for BF4 than I paid for it initially. Premium? for a broken game?

Love or hate Ubisoft, at least they ship a finished product.

Tetsujin2098d ago

I remember when games were 100% completed, extras were unlocks instead of "paid," and DLC were expansions with a similar/different experience than the main game.

Now it seems almost mandatory for some major release to either cut content then lie about it being added later; or act like you have to buy the DLC for the "full" experience while complaining about low initial sales since smart customers wait for a complete, cheaper version.

I was hyped for this game, and yes I want to play it, however now that I know they already plan on making DLC for it, I'm on the fence about buying the game or waiting.

heisenberguk2098d ago

Many people have been asking for the resolution and framerate of the console versions too!!

matt1392098d ago

I thought it was 1080p/30fps on ps4 and 900-960p/30fps on x1.

minimur122098d ago

I remember them saying they're going to go for 30fps locked, but I have no idea what it'll actually be like that being as that was months ago and still in full development. Its obviously the past few months when everything Luke that comes to fruition.

heisenberguk2098d ago

The resolution of both is STILL not finalized! I bet 1080p gets patched in like it did in AC!

GhettoBlasStarr2098d ago

I don't even get excited when I hear DLC/Season Pass....Actually kinda turns me away. One of the worst ideas to ever come out of gaming IMHO. I guess I just remember the days when Developers use to give it away to show appreciation and to get new buyers.... The golden days of gaming.

TearsOfARapper2098d ago

Unfortunately Season Passes are the payment we have to give. To keep game costs at $60 and the community rejection of the online pass, the developers need a way to keep their company afloat with the rising costs of game development. I'm not a fan of it, but if I'm buying a game that I know I'll keep like Battlefield 4, I'll pay for Premium because, why not? I'm going to buy them all anyways.

Yi-Long2098d ago

This greed will be their downfall. More and more people will refuse to buy incomplete games where the devs/publishers are DLC-milking them for a further 30-40 bucks.

We'll just wait for a price-drop instead. Instead of making 60 bucks on a day 1 sale, they'll make 20-30 bucks from me TOPS, and that's only IF they'll release a complete edition, and IF I'm still interested in the game by then.

deadfrag2097d ago

This is ruining gaming,jesus we use to get this kind of stuff like some extras in games after finnishing the campain ..and now we have to pay for it;really i dont know how can people support this Greedy ways of extort more money from them!I have never supported this last generation and neither i will going forward,games are already way expensive at release and people should expect a full complete experience for what they are paying.

TitanUp2096d ago

might be the first season pass that i buy.