Xbox One Day One Edition Now Available at Amazon

If you’re looking to buy an Xbox One, but would like the perks included with the limited Day One edition released when the console launched, you may be in luck, as availability of the sleek black-boxed version has popped up on Amazon.

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Magnes2097d ago

Like night vision goggles when your 40 it's even better on day 153 lol.

randomass1712097d ago

It'd be pretty funny if next to the one someone scribbled "hundred fifty three" in permanent marker. :P

Ch1d0r12097d ago

154 right now right? haha Thanks for counting or looking it up. You stole my post! lol

GeofferyPeterson2097d ago

Really? Day One Edition? Buy it if you plan on locking it in a air tight case
for 20 years and then it might be worth a few bucks.

pheature2097d ago

yeah less than a broken ps4

rainslacker2096d ago

Highly unlikely. More recent consoles were made with such bulk that they are super cheap 20 years down the line as they're very easy to find. Even boxed and new they generally only pull a little extra over a used version. Most reasonable collector's would open it anyways to insure that it works. Kind of a downfall to buying factory new retro consoles as a collector, although there are ways to mitigate the used status.

The only ones that really raise significantly are those limited edition versions that come out, which isn't really what this is. If it were one of those white ones given to Xbox staff and they never release a white version, then it will be worth quite a bit in 20 years.

BG115792097d ago Show
PS4isKing_822097d ago

God this is very tempting but that $500 price tag :(

Ch1d0r12097d ago

yup. I feel sorry for those people that payed over $700 for the PS3 on release.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans2097d ago

I guess you don't realize how advanced the PS4 was at the time ? I ain't gonna lie my parents bought me a PS3 for 600 dollars when I was 10. I was so happy, now I'm 17 going on 18 next month and I buy my own consoles and I won't buy an Xb1 for 500.

OT: Damn day 1 editions still available ? Holy crap.

garos822096d ago

It was still cheaper than any blu ray player at the time and cheaper than the competition with its relevant extras such as add on wifi and hdd

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The story is too old to be commented.