Walking Dead Actor Chandler Riggs Is Hooked On League Of Legends

SALT LAKE CITY – Actor Chandler Riggs is best known to millions of fans of The Walking Dead as Carl Grimes, the son of Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln). Riggs has been a mainstay of the TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s bestselling comic book, growing up on camera over the past five years. The 14 year-old Atlanta, Georgia native spends a lot of his free time either playing video games or watching eSports.

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jagiii2105d ago

It's interesting that an actor actually wants to be a pro gamer.

pedrof932105d ago

Better that than drugs.

-Foxtrot2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Great news, maybe he'll get addicted then stay on there playing FOREVER...and will eventually quit the Walking Dead.

Carl is so bringing Rick and Michone down as characters on the show. <Spoilers>.....Judith is alive so Rick has her as a reason to keep on going.

Soldierone2105d ago

I knew he was/is big in Minecraft as well. A few big "lets play" people on Youtube had him guest star on their shows for a good few months.

WeAreLegion2105d ago

There are tens of millions of them. I'm sure many of them are celebrities.