Changing the 16-bit RPG landscape with Pixel Noir | TwoDashStash

It’s no secret that PAX East was an overwhelming experience filled with games, news, and off-the-wall antics. The show floor is filled with so many games that it can be difficult to really stand-out among the competition. While I was running around from booth-to-booth trying to get my hands on as many games as possible, there is one I kept running by that caught my attention. Pixel Noir may, on the surface, look like your traditional 16-bit; but once you take a moment to really look at it, you realize that there is much more to this game than what meets the eye.

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Skate-AK3087d ago

Cool looking game. Will have to get this for Vita when it comes out.

seupai10853086d ago

vita has become the indie platform