The Unavoidable Flaws of The Elder Scrolls Online

Twinfinite writes: "I’ve been playing The Elder Scrolls Online for a while now, and I’ve enjoyed it. Despite early bugginess, it’s what I expected it to be – The Elder Scrolls scaled down to accommodate a massive server full of other players that I can play with. It’s a fair compromise between the World of Warcraft model of MMORPG and classic TES. What’s not to like?"

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2101d ago
Bhuahahaha2101d ago

lol if you like being milk go play it

60$ and 15$ monthly and its like other f2p mmo
i mean the economy is all fak up. mob drop 1gold boss 2g

if you dont want to walk around buy a horse in game for 30k-50k g or put up another 20$ for it

want to play imperial class no prob just give another 20% to unlock the class


no house yet but for sure it will be available in the future for some bucks

MeteorPanda2101d ago

oh it's like that? Bleh. ff14 so far is the only mmo right now worth a sub from what l'm seeing

shame, l was going to try this out christmas time as an argonian

caseh2101d ago

FF14 is surprisingly worth the money. I've not played an MMO that's charges a sub before but the sheer lack of PS4 games has kind of backed me into it.

I've already ploughed 50+ hours in a week and I've not even scratched the surface so quite happy with it.

Bhuahahaha2101d ago

opps i mean enjoy playing the most expensive running simulator ever

Blues Cowboy2101d ago

Hurry up and go B2P already. Keeps the free griefers out, but charges an appropriate amount.

skyrimdragonslayer2100d ago

it is overpriced i wish that they made it where u could be "the lone savior of the world" like in skyrim and oblivion.