110° Selling Wii U Mario and Luigi U Bundle For $250

If you missed out on the New Super Mario Bros. U and Super Luigi U bundle over the holidays, now's your chance to get it again.

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ValKilmer2101d ago

Hmmmm, I want those games, but I don't want a Wii U...

Come on Sony, buy Nintendo.

eaise2101d ago

Can't tell if you are really bad at trolling or if you just blend in with the rest of the trolls...

randomass1712101d ago

It has to be trolling. Nintendo and Sony don't want to buy each other, and I honestly don't think they could. He just wants Nintendo games on Sony platforms and that's not happening within our lifetimes.

ValKilmer2101d ago

I'm just saying that I don't want a Wii U but want those games. That's honest.

BlackWolf2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

But your "solution" is delusional. Sony is in no position to buy Nintendo. It simply won't happen.

I plan to get a Wii u and a PS4, but I'm going for the former first, as it's cheaper (and Mario Kart 8 is too good to pass). I'm dying to play Infamous Second Son, but you won't see me whining for that game to come to Wii U. I'm gonna buy a PS4 for that.

Don't want the console? Then don't whine about the games you won't get.

Tell me about it. I'm looking for a job, hoping to get the dough to satiate my gaming needs. Definitely the best combo this gen, IMO.

thezeldadoth2101d ago

people complain about the wii u but yet they want all the games on it. simple solution,buy the console then you can quit going online complaining about not having them

donman12101d ago


Your going to love the WiiU/PS4 combo. I know I am loving my gaming experience with the two best in class for 1st and 2nd party franchises.

randomass1712101d ago


And your solution is for Sony to practically bankrupt themselves by buying Nintendo? Sony just DOWNSIZED, I don't think they can afford such a large acquisition right now.

BoneBone2101d ago

What you do, you see, is buy the console with the games you want to play the most, and then don't cry about it if you made the wrong choice.

SONY couldn't afford to buy a peanut and jelly sandwich at the minute, never mind a company that's worth more than them.

Vegamyster2101d ago

I want Infamous & Uncharted but i don't want a PS4, Nintendo should buy Sony so they're on the Wii-U.

See how silly that sounds?

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Geekman2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

Troll, Nintendo is actually BIGGER than Sony.

Hard to fathom I know, but look it up, I'm not lying.

randomass1712101d ago

That is hard to believe, but Nintendo IS a really big company. I always figured they were about the same size. Silly me I guess. Either way, a merger would be more likely than an acquisition and I don't think that will ever happen either.

thezeldadoth2101d ago

^ Yeah why would nintendo want to inherit debt and bankruptcy. this website is blind to the true situation going on at sony, and they're only setting themselves up for disappointment

BoneBone2101d ago

I want'a play Little Big Karting and All Stars Royale, but I don't want a Playstation! Come on Nintendo, buy Sony.

Oh wait... I see what I did there!

Milesprowers2101d ago

I rather Valve buy Nintendo

Veneno2101d ago

That would be bizarre as hell lolz

Skate-AK2101d ago

Lol. That would never happen.

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Geekman2101d ago

The MK8 bundle without the extra crap is the same price. Just putting that out there.

Minute Man 7212101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

Sears got the Wii U Nintendo Land 32 GB for $99 this week

randomass1712101d ago

Yeah, couldn't find one in my local one. Must have sold them all out quickly. Or maybe they never had them to begin with. :(

TitanUp2101d ago

if the wiiu mario kart bundle is for real i think i might actually pick that up.

TitanUp2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

has it been confirmed that last i seen of it, it was still a rumor

TRD4L1fe2101d ago

Curse these bills and rent. I would love to pick this up

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